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It comes as no surprise that there are quite a few people out there who have a non-running automobile that they are sick and tired of looking at. Quite a few of these consumers are searching for the best way to get rid of their non-working car. One of the best ways for people to get rid of junk automobiles is to donate them to charity. Car donations are the source of millions of dollars in funding to charitable organizations world wide! This means that they are the source of the funding that allows charities to find cures, help the homeless, support our veterans and more! With that said, for the consumers who would like to donate an automobile, I have created a step by step list to teach you how:

Step 1: Visit The first step that people should follow when donating a junk car is to go to Cars Helping non for profit organizations. Because the cost of processing car donations is a bit high, most charitable organizations simply can’t afford to accept vehicle donations from people. With that said, Cars Helping charitable organizations was born to provide the necessary processing of vehicle donations for charities that couldn’t otherwise do so. Cars Helping charitable organizations also provides people with a great deal of information about vehicle donations so, no matter if Americans are seeking automobile donation information or would simply like to donate a car, Cars Helping charities is a great place to start!

Step 2: Choose your cause: As with any charitable donation, vehicle donations are given to help specific causes. With that said, before people donate a non-running car, they have to decide which cause they would like to help. On the Cars Helping charitable organizations homepage, they have listed the 8 most common causes that consumers like to help with donations. If consumers are unsure of who they would like their vehicle donations to help, they should simply choose one of these 8 causes when donating their non-working cars!

Step 3: Choose your charity: Now that consumers have chosen the cause that they would like the money from their vehicle donations to help, it’s time to choose a charity that will provide that help. If people do not already have a charity in mind, Cars Helping non for profit organizations has made the process of choosing one pretty simple as well. Once consumers click on the cause that they are interested in from the home page, they will be taken to a page that spotlights a charity. If consumers like that charity, they can simply choose that one, if people would like more choices, they should simply click the link at the bottom of the spotlight description entitled, “More charities Like This” to be brought to a list of non for profit organizations that help the cause they are interested in! At this point, Americans should simply choose a charity from this list!

Step 4: Donate your vehicle: The final step in this process is to actually donate a car. Once people have decided who they want their junk car donations to help, they should simply fill out the easy donations form on the right hand side of the Cars Helping charities website or call 866-697-0697 toll free to speak with a live representative!

That’s it, donating an automobile is really that simple. For more information on car donations, simply visit!

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