As an online social media platform, Facebook is probably the most popular. Some see it as one of most vital and biggest social media outlets. The only other system that can compare is Twitter, though they are vitally different. Facebook started out purely for socialization purposes. It can also be used now to make cash as well as a marketing tool. This can be done via direct advertising or you can create a Fan page and sell repeatedly to your followers. To do this, though, you need to have fans for your page. Here are some helpful hints so that you can do exactly that.

Make good use of the different apps that Facebook uses to make your fan page more user friendly. Visitors can enjoy live streaming video with an application that you add to the page. The nice thing about this is that the video streaming you do can be viewed by anyone so you can promote it even to people who aren’t signed up for Facebook. Why not do a live stream introducing people to your fan page and encouraging the people who haven’t "liked it" already to become fans. By simply asking them to "like" the page, they may not – however, you can provide an incentive that may motivate them. One thing that can help is adding photos to your fan page. If you have a lot of live events, it can be especially useful to post images. You can take pictures, post them on your page and then encourage people to tag themselves. Once the people of tagged the photos, they will be on their Facebook page without having to upload or download any images. People look around more when there are photos to see. You can improve your popularity by simply having more live events and posting the images later on that day.

Put a link to your Facebook fan page on every personal profile you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s a forum, a site for professionals or a messaging service, your profile should include your fan page.

Make sure that your Facebook fan page is featured prominently on any site that allows you to build a profile. Clearly, you will only receive more "likes" by being a contributing member of the community where your profile is so make sure that you make some meaningful posts now and then. In just a few short years, Facebook is now a cultural icon in our modern society. Here to stay, Facebook has championed its way past flash in the pan companies like MySpace and seems to be here for the long run. A Facebook fan page is something that every serious Internet Marketer needs to have in order to professionally represent their business. Now you know what to do. Get a Facebook fan page and start having people "like" it using the many strategies we have presented. Good luck and may you be profitable!

Facebook is probably the most popular online social media platform today. It used to simply be for college students who wanted to socialize. For more information please check out these links: government business grants best laptop for college

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