9 things a day let you easily to the eradication of black eye

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Our eyes are often faced with many challenges, in addition to dry weather, there is increasingly strong ultraviolet radiation. So the corner of the small fine lines, puffy bags under the eyes to remind you, the preservation of our eyes should act now! The daily Meimou 10 things must be done.
1, select cream products with vitamin E for dark circles eye
Products containing vitamin E are generally for the removal of dark circles have a better effect, of course, remove dark circles is a long-term work must be patient and stick with it to play a good efficacy Oh.
Using chilled spoon pat the skin of the eye
You can prepare two stainless steel spoons in the refrigerator freezer, using the iced metal spoon to gently pat around the eyes after daubing eye cream every morning , eye-catching and swelling of the role. It will have a greater role to dark circles after a long time.
3, Do massage around the eye skin
Every day when using the eye cream, eye week detailed massage clockwise beat and let it slowly absorbed, the skin of the eye becomes compact together, eye to check the finished product, the best use ring finger eye weekly gently pat, probably shot on the 100 is enough.
4, the supplementary of eye water
In addition to enough 8 glasses of water a day for drinking, but also in the office to prepare a bottle of eye drops at any time to make the eyes water Lingling.
5 Life must be regulated
Less late at night to ensure a fulfilling sleep, not smoking, drinking, more exercise. Every day a little brighter, natural living skin.
6,do good for eye sunscreen
In fact, the damage of UV on the eye is very large, and also the main cause of eye fine lines. Go about their daily money, be sure to rub sun multiples cream, to prevent the fragile skin of the eye injury.
7 a day, drink a cup of beauty eyesight tea everyday.
Take medlar 15g, boiling water for 30 minutes, until cool tea with future generations. The medlar containing p-carrot l, vegetarian, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, iron, with Bugan benefits. Kidney, improve eyesight, because of their own has the seasoning, whether it is tea or directly chew food, computer savvy, eye soreness, fatigue, vision better have a good adjuvant therapy.
8 select the whitening effect of eye products
The skin of the eye is the most vulnerable, so once the melanin in the eye precipitation is difficult to eliminate. So we must choose a whitening effect of eye cream, prevention is often better than the treatment effect.
9, strack out of five minutes for eye movement
Virtually every work two hours later, you must stand up to let the eye rest. View of the distance, gently massage the eyes, then with eyes closed for 5 minutes to allow the eye to relax fully.
Follow these steps, believe your eye will be more charmingful, and add more excise, you will be more confident when you come out from discount hermes handbags store with your hermes shoulder birkin

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