It’s much easier to get a good ranking for your website in the search engines than you might have previously thought. For many, search engine optimization is a mystery and achieving top rankings rocket science. This is why they’ll look for shortcuts or easier routes to getting their sites more highly ranked as fast as they can. They turn to blackhat SEO methods, which are nothing but unethical techniques to fool the search engines. There are so many legitimate and ‘whitehat’ methods that will help you get the results you’re after but they aren’t fully put to good use. Keep reading to learn some of the best unique whitehat SEO tips that will help you get the ethical rankings that you have been hoping to achieve.

Content really is king when you want to dominate in the search engines. When you don’t use top quality content, you aren’t going to see top quality results. What makes whitehat SEO so completely worth it is that it’s primary focus is on offering the best quality content to the people in your audience. The most important advantage of publishing good content is that you aren’t going to have to work as hard to get more backlinks. When you publish top quality and unique content, other weblogs and websites are going to want to automatically link to you. This is the simplest way that you can raise your search engine rankings and keep them high. Take a look at your permalinks if you have a non-blog site, and change them to be SEO smart if you have to do that. Do not be lazy about this because you will only be hurting yourself in SEO terms. You know that each page has its own unique name, or file name, and then the phrase that is appropriate is just appended at the end. This is really very basic SEO information, but if you are new or have not learned SEO then it may be new to you. If you’re using a platform like WordPress, all you need to do is make a few changes in the basic settings and you’re ready to go.

Vital to your success is tracking the activity of everything that is going on with your traffic. Web analytics is something that you need to use on a regular basis, and you will have to learn what’s happening on your site and why. If you’re not comfortable with Google Analytics then you can also use some of the paid services out there. Even if you are not doing SEO, you should do this because you have to optimize your sites.

Yes, it is not too late to work for achieving solid rankings in the search engines. whitehat SEO is the way to go if you consider yourself a legitimate and serious business. Nothing about SEO is difficult to learn and master, but it takes dedication and persistence to see it through. SEO is a curious thing, and it has quirks and drawbacks, so just be sure about what you want to do. Keep working it and doing what needs to be done, and always learn as much as possible.

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