If you have ever wondered how to save time, money and improve efficiency, probably outsourcing administrative assistant services is for you. First of all, let’s clarify that this type of assistant service is done virtually, through the web. Virtual assistant services (or administrative assistant services, for that matter) are nothing similar to a robot.

An assistant is a person who specializes in providing administrative support.  A virtual assistant does the same, only that they operate remotely; they are not physically at the same office with you. They work from somewhere else and use technology like internet and Voice over IP systems to communicate with you and deliver their assignments.

Basically, these services and these employees are able to complete a variety of tasks. Often, people hire them to get help with administrative work, and online research. The virtual assistant completes the task and sends it, most of the time, via email.

The background of people involved in these areas of administrative assistant services varies vastly. Some have secretarial and administrative experience; others have different areas of expertise. Now, you can easily hire a professional with experience on copywriting, web design, telemarketing, accounting, recruiting, and other, probably more complex fields.

Furthermore, the fact that these administrative assistant services remain far away from home make the service more accessible and less pricy. You can find them everywhere around the globe, some of them are farther away, working in different times zones or from different continents; others, are close enough to have them on your own time, have neutral accents and have a closer understanding of American and European cultures.

Bottom line: These services can help you out with any task that doesn’t require physical presence at your office. You can get help writing letters, checking your email, setting up appointments with clients, taking phone messages for you, writing posts for your blog, providing maintenance for your website, etc. Probably the only thing they cannot do is bring you a cup of coffee to your desk.  But if what you needs is a cup of coffee, believe me: they’ll figure it out.

Alex has over 5 years experience in Virtual assistant services & Administrative Assistant Services.


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