Nowadays with the advancement of technology all businesses have a website and having an email has become mandatory.

Nowadays with the advancement of technology all businesses have a website and having an email has become mandatory. Gone are the days where documents and information was sent through post. Businesses are moving towards paperless offices. We all know that transmission of information has become extremely fast and efficient. Matter of urgency can be dealt with immediately in many part of the world. If your business has a website, a system to transmit messages is essential as users or customers who are interested in your product or service would need an email address to contact someone. IMAP or the internet message access protocol is one such form of messaging used by businesses and people, which were created way back in 1986.
The working of such a system is easy. What IMAP does is that it interacts with the server used by you which assists in storing, sending and retrieving the messages. This process can be done in a number of different ways. The advantage of using IMAP is that it runs off the system itself and hence the messages that are sent and received are stored on the server itself thereby making it easy to recover from any system. You do not have to have the system you generally use. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can access your messages from any part of the world. This is most beneficial for people who travel a lot and require accessing their messages at any point in time and no matter where they are. IMAP has a good back up system because everything is on the server automatically.
The best feature about IMAP is that unless you actually delete the email form the server, the email and messages remain on it. IMAP comes with many more benefits. Apart from the storing and retrieving, IMAP does not require the user to remember the name of the server where the retrieval system is being hosted. All that a user is required to do is to log on to his system and carry on with his or her work. This is the most convenient method. IMAP also allows the user to retrieve messages even when the system is not connected or is in a mode where access is restricted.
IMAP hosting has a number of capabilities such as creating and thereby customising the email inboxes. Searching through messages and finding the one you are looking for is made very easy and this saves your time. The user can easily mark messages which are important which serves as a reminder to the user to carry out that task. This kind of hosting is also known as remote hosting.
There are various types of IMAP hosting such as the IMAP 2, IMAP2bis, and IMAP4 and so on. All these have slightly different features and you can choose according to your requirements. As everything has a disadvantage, the IMAP hosting too has some drawbacks like there are not many internet service providers who support IMAP.

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