Medical assistants are anticipated as the fastest growing occupational workforce of the decade in the United States. Easier training and a raised demand has made this in to one of the most sought out professions. A sound Medical Assistant Training is necessary and useful to secure a lucrative job for a rewarding career in allied healthcare industry.

The paragraphs below discuss different aspects of this profession, its types and the training.

Types of Medical Assistants

Administrative Medical Assistants-
These medical assistants are responsible to perform various administrative duties related to a medical facility such as filling out the patient’s insurance forms, fixture of laboratory services and hospital admissions. They are also responsible for handling incoming calls, scheduling appointments, correspondence, records and bookkeeping.

Clinical Medical Assistants-
This category of medical assistants interacts with the patients by studying their medical histories and they perform tests, explain different procedures to the patients along with conducting diagnostic tests. Their laboratory services include preparation of samples and performing basic tests, sterilization of supplies as well as disposal of contaminated supplies. They may instruct the patient on diet, medications and drug refills. These professionals also well trained to perform electrocardiogram tests on the patients.

Ophthalmic Medical Assistants-
The ophthalmic medical assistants perform certain additional duties in addition to everyday routine tasks. These may include eye examination of the patients and muscle tests, dressings and teach patients about contact lens care. Assisting ophthalmologists during the surgery, the assistants are also responsible to maintain surgical instruments.

Medical Assistant Education and Training

Most medical assistant training programs include short-term certified courses focused to cover subjects such as phlebotomy, anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, lab procedures, medical billing and medical office administration.

High schools, post secondary schools, community colleges, junior colleges and many private institutions offer such type of courses. Apart from classroom teachings, these courses include externship at different medical facilities.

A medical assistant plays an important role in providing better healthcare services; proper training can help in professional development as well as in growth prospects. The average working hours of medical assistants are around forty hours a week and work conditions demand interaction with the patients throughout the day.

Medical Assistant Training is very essential before one dwells into an allied healthcare profession, please visit for more information on training details and financial aids.

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