Kirin Large University of Art has become used around by Oz Entertainment because of economic personal bankruptcy. Oz Leisure then transfers more than its own idol stars to Kirin Higher to prevent a regulation requiring beneath age entertainers to study to get a fixed time. Competitiveness then brews in between troubled college students at Kirin Substantial College of Artwork after which newly transfered idols from Oz Enjoyment.

Shin Hae-Sung (Kang So-Ra) enters Kirin High School of Art with an excessive created exam rating, but very poor functionality scores. She then meets fellow scholars Jin Yoo-Jin (Jinwoon) and JB (JB), who makes her realize how fun tunes may be. Jin Yoo-Jin acted when he was an adolescent kid. Now, he is really a troubled scholar dreaming of becoming a rock star. He attempts to cure his ache caused by his mother or father’s divorce via tunes.

(ep.1) Rian (Park Ji-Yeon) is schooting a scene with an actor. Rian’s functionality is inadequate, but her manager rapidly will take her to her next appointment. They do not have much time, as a result of a whole new legislation getting effect that day that demands underage entertainers to study 20 hrs a week and function no later on than 10 PM.

At a TV SET station, Hyun Ji-Soo (Kahi) from Oz Ontertainment and workers customers for your TELLY songs program waits for idol boy band Eden to arrive. JB (JB) will get there on time, but his associate from Eden, Si-Woo (Park Search engine marketing-Joon), is late. Today is their initial time executing a song from their new album. Hyun Ji-Soo insists Eden must seem final on the music program, but staff subscribers say it’s risky thanks to the new law. A couple of minutes prior to 10 PM, Si-Woo finally arrives. Si-Woo tells JB to hear to this song on his music participant.

Meanwhile, Shin Hae-Sung (Kang So-Ra) is inside viewers, waiting to see Eden execute. Shin Hae-Sung then sneaks in to the backstage area to acquire autographs. Inside the hallway, she bumps into boy band Eden. JB walks away from her, but then turns again all-around to question Shin Hae-Sung to lock Oz Amusement President Lee Kang-Chul (Kim Jung-Tae) in his place. Though Shin Hae-Sung is carrying out her ideal to lock Lee kang-Chul’s door, Eden goes on stage and performs. It really is now previous 10 PM. Eden has broken the new law for underage entertainers.

Jin Yoo-Jin (Jinwoon) is performing to the road that has an avenue band. Two policemen then request to view Jin Yoo-Jin’s ID. Minors now are not able to even conduct around the streets soon after ten PM. Jin Yoo-Jin tells the cops that he’ll get his ID out of his bag and proceeds to flee in the cops.

In front from the dormitory at Kirin Substantial Faculty of Fine art, Jin Yoo-Jin throws a small rock at a window, but no person wakes up. He then sees Shin Hae-Sung tippy-toeing for the backdoor. Jin Yoo-Jin follows her. Shin Hae-Sung includes an essential for your door and these are in a position to go inside. Shin Hae-Sung is then caught by teacher Yang Jin-Min (Park Jin-Vibrant), although Jin Yoo-Jin is able to flee.

Eden fellow member JB enters the business office of Oz Amusement. Lee Kang-Chul, the president of OZ Leisure, tells JB that as a result of their efficiency the opposite night time, Eden and idol female group HershE are actually banned from your TELLY station. JB tells Lee Kang-Chul that their new song is copied from yet another song and if they complete the song, Eden will develop into a joke. JB also tells Lee Kang-Chul that he would like to accomplish solo and is sick of taking care of Si-Woo. Lee Kang-Chul tells JB he can accomplish solo in half-dozen months. Meanwhile, Eden associate Si-Woo is outside from the workplace and hears their conversation. JB and Si-Woo get started to argue.

OZ Amusement President Lee Kang-Chul has now used in excess of Kirin Excessive University, to have cowl for his idol groups from the new underage entertainer law and in order that his teams can accomplish overseas. Kirin High School of Art has gone by means of three several years of neglect and mismanagement because Joo Jung-Wan (Kwon Hae-Hyo) grew to become the education’s principle.

Meanwhile, Shin Hae-Sung goes to Oz Leisure for an audition. Simply because of the new legislation, workers subscribers cross above all from the underage candidates. Oz Enterianment employee Hyun Ji-Soo also tells Shin Hae-Sung that her singing sucks. Inside the hallway at Oz Amusement, Shin Hae-Sung then sees a poster for a singer-songwriter contest. The contest would not have any age restrictions, so Shin Hae-Sung decides to utilize with the contest.

Afterwards, Shin Hae-Sung has dinner with her father, who is actually a minister in Cheongju. Her father needs Shin Hae-Sung to become a minister like him and enter the seminary. Shin Hae-Sung runs out from the restaurant and again to Kirin High University of Fine art.

The next time of day at Kirin Excessive, Shin Hae-Sung asks Jin Yoo-Jin to edit some tunes she made to the singer-songwriter contest. Jin Yoo-Jin is beneficial at generating new music and also sells his new music to other college students needing it for his or her homework. Jin Yoo-Jin finally agrees to edit her audio, but only if he thinks it can be any excellent. Soon after listening to her music, Jin Yoo-Jin tells her he isn’t going to would like to give good results on her music and looks lower on her for aspiring to develop into an idol singer.

Oz Leisure President Lee Kang-Chul takes Eden member JB to Kirin Higher. Lee Kang-Chul goes to your principle home and tells Principal Joo Jung-Wan that he has now taken ownership of Kirin Excessive. JB walks across the campus and eventually stands outdoors of your college’s studio. He overhears the conversation among Jin Yoo-Jin and Shin Hae-Sung.

JB thinks again to his previous when he auditioned to enter Kirin High School of Art. At that time, Jin Yoo-Jin and Eden meber JB were inside similar home waiting to acquire their audition. In entrance in the principle, Jin Yoo-Jin was confident in his music abilities and drive to engage in rock and roll songs. JB, around the other hand, was noticeably shaky and described that he wanted to grow to be an idol singer. As a result of that, Jin Yoo-Jin looked straight down on JB. Now, JB goes in to the studio to confront Jin Yoo-Jin.

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