Although time management is a popular idea these days, many people still make a number of mistakes in this area. Its not strange to come up with a scheme to save time, and find out that it was truly just a time waster. The purpose of this article is to go over some of the most common time management goof ups so you can avoid making them.

Multitasking is usually a huge mistake if you overdo it. Almost everyone had high hopes for the theory of multitasking as an excellent way to manage time more efficiently and be more productive. In any case, it seems logical that doing a number of things at the same time makes you more productive. The trouble with multitasking, however, has to do with focus – another new time management buzz word. You cant effectively focus on one project if you have other tasks open at the same time. Errors are the expected result of this method simply because our thinking becomes fragmented. Regrettably, our stab at being more efficient is erased when we need to readdress errors we made at first or even redo particular aspects of our project that were left out Its not to suggest that you should never multitask. If youre able to make sure that each task you are multitasking will be given the quality attention it deserves then, by all means, include multitasking in your time management tactics.

A huge gaffe that lots of people make is to overextend themselves. This occurs when we underestimate how long tasks are going to take and the unexpected delays that always seem to occur. Some people also have a tough time saying no, because it makes them feel guilty. While you plan your to do list, or schedule, you should leave adequate extra time between tasks to give yourself a “pad” in case something changes or an emergency comes up. Whenever you look at your list, and its packed full of things you need to do, you can feel pressured. This makes it hard to concentrate on any one project since you are worrying about all the other tasks you have to finish. Give some thought to every single task or event that you are thinking about adding to your list. When a person is asking for some of your time for whatever reason, you dont need to right away say yes or no. One of the toughest time management bad habits to break is overextending ourselves. We just dont feel comfortable, generally, telling another person no.

If you usually jump straight into things without much thought or planning, youre making a potentially harmful time management gaffe. The best case scenario is to put on paper a detailed system or outline of the actions the project will need, from beginning to end. Can you picture an architect attempting to build a house without lists of materials, schematics, and all the plans he needs? Or a baker trying to make a fancy wedding cake without a recipe? You need to have a plan, or system, for anything that you need to accomplish on time, which would prevent the problem of having to repeat steps because you left something out. To hit your objectives, whether at home or at work, you have to follow the example of the folks who know how to get things done in a timely, efficient manner. Make a plan, or system, for every single project and dont begin until youre positive all contingencies have been thought out. The time it takes to plan properly will end up saving you time eventually, so dont ignore this step.

These are a few of the main mistakes that people make in the field of time management; however, they arent the only ones. One interesting thing about time is that it often takes longer when you try and rush things, as you didnt plan thoroughly. As you learn to manage your time properly, youll discover that rushing is no longer required and you can carry on calmly, in a step by step fashion.

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