Many of you almost certainly already know that article marketing can really be the best way to advertise your online business. The largest problem with this sort of marketing is the time it can take to create the articles and also to submit them to article directories along with other websites. At the moment youll find article submission services which help to get your article published all over the Internet saving you valuable time. “Submit Your Article” is truly one of those programs that will help you to get your articles submitted all over the net

Dont assume all article submission services are the same, so you need to be careful when picking a service to help you out, there are features you will require. You can find just a few features that the submission service should have in order to make it a great choice, these are, trickle feeding articles, unique article submission along with the ability to create multiple pen names. Well you will undoubtedly be happy to realize that the “Submit Your Article” program offers all those bases covered and here we will be going through these features.

Here were going to explain why the production of multiple pen names is so important to your article marketing. I am sure you are in more than one niche as an Internet marketer, the majority of marketers dont limit themselves to only one niche. For every niche your in you need to be able to advertise yourself as an expert in that arena. The issue with just using the exact same name for every niche is that people will see this, so if your claiming to be an expert in a range of niches men and women will be able to figure out that your not an expert and your just working to make a sale. However if youve got a different pen name for each niche you truly can advertise yourself as an expert within that field. Which is one advantage about the “Submit Your Article” program, they allow you to use multiple pen names.

This system furthermore makes it possible to submit unique versions of the articles. This fact alone is one of the most critical features as Google likes unique content. Another great thing about this technique is that the links youre going to be building will have much more power with Google. Distributing duplicate content all over the net is a Google no no, and the links that you do end up building will not be worth much at all, if anything. Which means this portion is essential.

And another thing this program can perform is to drip feed your articles so that they are not all just published on the Internet all in the same day. The last thing you want to do will be to alert Google that you may possibly be doing something that they dont agree with, so never distribute all your articles simultaneously.

This is certainly one of the better programs on the Internet for article submissions simply because they offer all the features you have to have to market properly. If you actually want to get a better search engine position you must recognize that you need links from all different websites and this program will help you achieve that.

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