Bad Credit Cosmetic Surgery Loans

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Every person today wants to look the best – may we say, this is the age of the looks. And why not? It is not uncommon to see the best looking females and the most well groomed males walk off with the best jobs if adequately qualified too. And if this is so important that it even helps enhance one’s own image about oneself, a small amount of money must not desist you from going ahead with a surgery to look better – not even if you do not have a good credit history.

Looking at this strong upsurge in the cosmetic surgery industry – around 10% year over year, doctors started developing the concept of global fee – an all inclusive fee paid for all (or most ) of what is required to perform a particular cosmetic surgery procedure. This would mostly contain the cost of medication, operation, hospitalization, post-operative accessories and post-operative care. And with this was the advent of cosmetic surgery loans as the option to cover the entire cost and pay it off in simple installments.

The credit history of the borrower is important in this regard. With a good credit record, it is possible to find loans with interest rates up to 10% but with a poor credit record, the amount can be as high as up to 14 or 24%. Still, this should not stop someone from going ahead with the surgery – and timely repayment would also enhance the credit record and the interest on the loan.

Let us have a look at what constitutes a bad credit record. The most prominent reason is slipping on payments. This worsens the credit records of an individual. But the credit record would also be bad if there is no credit history at all. If there has been no loans taken, there are no credit records and when one goes to a lender’s doorsteps, the rates charged are higher.

This should not stop the individual from undergoing cosmetic surgery or taking a loan for that. What needs to be understood is that not taking a loan would not better the credit records. The only way out is to take the loan and then make timely repayments. This would increase the credit scores and the next time when a loan is required, it is available at a lesser interest rate.

Before going ahead with a cosmetic surgery loan when in bad credit, one must be picky about the interest rate on offer and must investigate and choose the best in the market. Just because an individual does not have a credit record or has defaulted a couple of times does not mean accepting any rate that is offered.

There are lenders who allow one to choose the person or hospital where the surgery would be performed. If such an option is available, it is best to choose one. To get the surgery done from a known person also is comforting, and one can be more sure of the exact expense requirements. Financial planning is a must also taking into account the regular repayments to be made. This is also enhance your credit history as a borrower and make future loans cheaper.

Cosmetic surgery loans are available for amounts up to ?25,000 or slightly more even for the unemployed. The period of these loans may vary from 2 to 5 years. It is usually possible to obtain one with no pre-payment penalty and one should look at these points in detail while signing on for a cosmetic surgery loan.

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