Are you having sleepless nights due to bed bugs? If yes, you should consider getting the services of bug dogs for detection.

Are you having sleepless nights due to bed bugs? If yes, you should consider getting the services of bug dogs for detection. It is not surprising if you never heard of a bed bug dog as these have not been highly popular till date, even though these specially trained dogs are 97% successful in detecting the species. The tiny parasitic insects that survive on human blood may not be able to cause any harm, but can be terribly annoying. The occupants of the infested property often attempt to use numerous products available in the market that promises to get rid of these. However, most of them are in vain.

Dogs are appreciated for their keen sense of smell to detect various substances, including drugs, mold and now the bed bugs. The Hollywood movies have always provided ample importance to the dogs and have shown you that they can take up variety of roles more than just being a faithful companion. It is amazing to learn that the specific species of canines even possess approximately three hundred million receptors in their noses while the amount of this in humans could just be thirty million. Despite the weather conditions like rain, mud and snow, they receive the scent and can distinguish even the slightest difference. The bug dogs mostly belong to the hunting breeds like Blood Hounds and Beagles. However, other breeds like Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers, Labradors, and Aussies too are trained. Many residents prefer smaller dogs, especially those who have aversion to dogs. Across United States, there are ample of training facilities that raise and train dogs for the specific purpose. Most of them were once the less fortunate animals that have later been rescued. The training as well as the job duty should just be fun filled and enjoyable for them.

The bed bugs are considered to be the greatest nuisance because they can infest the entire home with ease. They are hard to detect with the human eye, not just because they are too tiny, but also because they know to hide. Most of you would bring this home either through the clothing or in suitcase from the bed and breakfast lodgings that you have stayed during your journey. The bug dogs start the training between eight to twelve months. The approximate training period is 800 to 1000 hours. The scent dogs needs to be certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) after the completion of the training for the dog to take up the job.

The scent detection canines are trained to detect the live as well as dead bed bugs. During the training, mock settings are prepared wherein the dogs receive positive reinforcement if they detect the live bed bugs. The bed bugs have common hiding spots like within the mattresses, behind headboards, within closets, and underneath carpeting. The bug dogs are taught the search pattern for efficient inspections. The dogs were once taught to point the infested area with their paw to the dog handler. However, many exterminators believed that this could damage the furniture thus the current technique involves pointing with their nose.

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