Canton Fair the largest exhibition not only in Asia but also in the world. 840,000 square meters of exhibition space. 15,000 exhibitors. 200,000 visitors from more than two hundred countries around the world. Think about it! For a moment close your eyes and try to imagine these scales. I know it’s pretty easy to imagine. But, nevertheless, this exhibition has existed since 1957 and held it in China.

Of course, in ’57 its dimensions were not as huge, but then, what is the Canton Fair now, will surprise anyone. This exhibition is held twice a year. In a major Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou. Guangzhou – a twenty millionth city in southern China’s Guangdong Province. This city is famous for its business activities, a huge number of industrial and … Canton Fair!

Officially, this special exhibition entitled “Exhibition of Chinese exports.” It is held in the spring and fall. Each “Spring Canton fair” and each “Autumn canton fair” are divided into three sessions. In each session of canton fair – five days. Every five days of the show – a group of some order.

Yes, exactly. The fact is that usually the canton fair 2012 – it is some kind of themed activities. For example, an exhibition of the sports industry. Or canton fair show auto industry. Exhibition of textile industry. Or Exhibition “Boats and yachts.” Probably most of you are at such events at work. Almost sure many of you have been to international fairs in Europe, U.S. or Asia. And you have an idea of their size. But the Canton Fair 2012 is unlike any other show that is presented here everything. And all at once. Starting from the manufacturers of synthetic socks, finishing with ultra-modern plants for processing of aluminum. And, strange as it may, it is logical and convenient.

Each five-day session of the canton fair 2012 is devoted to some industries. A branch of these, in turn, are separated by pavilions. For example, the 1
first session of canton fair 2012 are: 1) Large machinery and equipment, and 2) Small mechanisms, and 3) Bicycles 4) Motorcycles, 5) Automotive parts and 6) Chemicals 7) Hardware 8) Tools, 9) Vehicles and more.

The second session of canton fair 2012
1) Kitchen utensils and dishes, and 2) Ceramics, 3) Art Pottery and 4) Interior and 5) Works of art made of glass, 6) Furniture, 7) Wicker products and handicrafts made of iron, 8) Horticultural products; 9) Products of stone, etc.

The third session of canton fair 2012
1) Men’s and women’s clothing, 2) Kids 3) Underwear 4) Sport and Youth Apparel, 5) Fur, leather and feather products, 6) Fashion accessories and jewelry, and 7) Fabrics for the home (home textiles) 8) Textile products, raw materials and fabrics; 9) Rugs and tapestries, etc.

And this is only a small fraction of all the branches. The size and scale of the take down his head!

Canton Fair 2012 – an event that affects all of China. A few weeks before the exhibition prices for flights to Guangzhou starting to increase significantly. For two or three days before the canton fair, they are beyond the orbit of common sense. The same happens with the prices of hotels. If you want to go to the Canton Fair 2012 is inexpensive, it does not work on the domain.

All hotels within five to seven kilometers from the exhibition will be occupied by one hundred percent. Book a room at a good fair price at this time there is not so easy. The canton fair itself is held at the International Center – Pazhou (Pazhou), and get here by taxi from anywhere in Guangzhou is much easier than to leave here. I am willing to argue that such a long queue for taxis and taxi drivers such a number can hardly be seen anywhere in the world!

Getting on a canton fair for the first time, most of all surprised scale. At first, it is unclear just how these giant structures could plan and build. It is absolutely unclear how much China has managed the project, and who controls them. It is difficult to imagine how you can attract a huge number of exhibiting companies and a huge number of visitors from around the world. Last year’s visitors were registered from 219 countries! Hoo?

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