With so many more women participating in sports and exercise it’s no surprise that women’s sports medicine has begun to evolve and grow quickly in importance. Despite all the benefits of physical activity, there are some risks involved, and women have to pay attention to certain issues. With the right information you can sometimes handle these on your own, but sometimes you need to talk with your doctor or sports medicine specialist. Following are a few sports and health related conditions that affect so many women that they are important to know.

If you as a woman are going to play in sports or exercise regularly you might want to consider finding a sports medicine specialist to be your doctor. Sports medicine specialists aren’t solely for those who sustain an injury as many may think, but also for teaching you how to avoid injuries in many cases. If you’re prone to certain types of problems, such as with your knees or back for example, a sports medicine physician can advise you on how to treat these conditions and prevent them from recurring.

Sports medicine specialists are the doctors you want on your side if you ever do have a serious injury as they are best at suggesting the right treatment for the injury. Where sports medicine is concerned, you need a physician who is knowledgeable, experienced and holds a good reputation in this field. Women begin to lose muscle mass each year beginning with their mid thirties. Your metabolism will begin to decrease somewhere in this same time frame as well. There are some unwanted consequences of this natural occurrence. At this stage it’s imperative to make some lifestyle changes to keep from gaining weight since the loss in metabolism will ultimately result in fewer calories being burned off if you continue to eat the same way without exercising enough. Once you’ve reached this stage it will be helpful to add weight training and resistance training to your exercise regimen. This type of exercise counteracts the slowing down of your metabolism and helps you burn fat more efficiently. You also need to watch your caloric intake especially where carbohydrates, sugars and fattening foods are concerned.

Recently, women who were pregnant have been advised that exercise is ok whereas before they were advised to avoid exercise as much as possible. Nowadays, scientists have proven that exercise is quite beneficial for women during gestation and can even lead to healthier babies being delivered. Labor time was decreased by 1/3 in one study of pregnant women who exercised regularly during pregnancy. It’s imperative that you seek the counsel of your physician to find out which exercise is safe for you during pregnancy. Take into consideration that you need plenty of water, to avoid anything that is overstraining and certain exercises that may strain the abdominal area. You can reduce your risk of injuries and health problems by paying attention to some basic principles of women’s sports medicine. Exercise and sports are good for your body in many ways, but they can also cause stress and injuries, especially if you train hard and engage in repetitive motions. The guidelines we discussed can help you stay healthy in your physical activity.

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