Consumer data lists help target different areas of information a business requires to get details on their targeted group of audience. Thus, it becomes so easy to increase the ROI and maximise traffic to your marketing campaigns.

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Amongst various types of consumer data lists, four major types of data lists will give you access to the most sorted information on individual consumers and companies. Data contained in these lists consists of basic information like name, phone numbers, office numbers, email addresses, postal addresses to exhaustive information like buying tendencies, lifestyle needs etc. These data lists are –

1. Modelled consumer data – This specific data list is developed by accumulating census information, transactional data list that reveals data on people’s income, spending and buying behaviour, location based preferences etc.

2. Lifestyle data list – This typical data list contains information provided by consumers through answering specific questions in context to their lifestyle. Data in this list elaborates consumers’ behaviour, what they purchase, their purchasing power and other variables such as their date of birth, income, employment details, home ownership, pet ownership, insurance renewal dates, holiday destinations, shopping preferences etc. Your existing data list can be upgraded by tagging this lifestyle data list to it.

3. Business data list – The business data list, like the consumer data list, provides information about your targeted businesses and employees of those businesses including names, designations, contact numbers, nature of business, email addresses, phone numbers, key employee’s direct phone numbers and email addresses, web addresses etc.

4. Electoral roll data list – The electoral roll data list is another significant source of data, compiled by local council and data supplied by residents. The data list provides a geographic list of basic details including name and address only.

The two principal drivers of the management team have a combined experience in consumer data. lifestyle survey data and consumer surveys provision and lead generation of twelve years.

With so many amateurs popping up in this market who have little experience of consumer data and leads why go for the small waves when you can be riding a big wave of success with Seawave Media, the experts in consumer data, lifestyle survey data and consumer surveys.

Seawave Media caters to the needs of direct clients, large and small, and also to media agencies, marketing companies, data and leads brokers and resellers, always going the extra mile to ensure you are provided with a data and lead generation solution to meet your requirements, whether that is consumer or B2B data, lifestyle survey data, consumer surveys, fresh or archival debt management data and leads, sky data, investment data, life insurance data, insulation data, home improvements data, energy switch data, sms data, mobile phone contract renewal data or whatever your lead generation requirements are.

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