The worst thing there is about having a garden is walking out to check on your plants and uncovering holes in all the plants that looked fine the last time you saw them. The damage has normally been caused by pests. Wildlife, slugs, and worms are some of the garden pests that are the worst, along with snails, caterpillars and even gophers.

Despite the fact that you will not have a completely pest-free garden, you can largely protect the results of your labours by taking appropriate action. What normally makes it tricky is that insects hide from predators, under fallen leaves, pernicious weeds, and soil. One of the earliest things you need to do is get rid of the places where the insects live. Collect and remove old leaves, weeds and decaying heaps of vegetal matter. On a regular basis, you need to be turning the soil over, and breaking up the clumps. By doing this subterranean insect hideouts will likely be minimised.

In order to keep the diseases and destructive insects in check, you should also use dormant spray. You implement the spray when the plants are dormant, close to February/March. You must stick to the correct directions, or the dormant spray wont do any good. When you do it wrong, you are liable to get rid of your entire garden. Many insects are helpful to your garden, and you shouldnt get rid of them. You can also find all those winged pests, the birds. Because theyre so movable its very hard to chase them away, so its better to try to distract them from your plants by means of a bird feeder. Birds ordinarily choose a bird seed blend, which you can place in a feeder, and so doing youll save your garden from pecking damage. It can save you money in the long run, and become part of your yard decoration.

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Even though possessing a dog could be helpful, it certainly wont fix the situation entirely. For a lot of garden owners their garden pest will be the gopher. If your plants are dying, and you see mounds of dirt, that could be your problem. These kinds of little animals certainly understand how to make a nuisance of themselves. Most of these small-tailed fellows are occasionally white, but usually brown or black, and vary in length from 5 to 14 inches. One method of doing away with them is through trapping. To do this successfully you want to detect their tunnels and choose the right position for the traps Getting rid of gophers could also be attempted by lighting smoke bombs in the entrances to their tunnels.

To maintain your back garden in good shape, you will need to get rid of all of your pests as soon as possible. The more time they remain, the trickier theyll be to get rid of. The value of your property is increased by a healthy, well looked after garden.

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