Sales copy can fail to convert for all sorts of reasons but when you make improvements to your sales copy over time you will be better able to create a lengthy success for yourself. Your success is determined by the quality of your sales copy so it just makes more sense to put as much effort into improving it to the fullest of its potential. This article will show you what steps you can take to improve the performance of your copy.

Don’t Make a Promise You Can’t Keep: The fact is, when someone reads your copy, they expect to get something out of it. Remember: there is usually a reason that people decide to read your copy. The job of the headline is to grab your readers’ attention and the job of the body of your copy is to support things said in your headlines. Your headline is vital because it is what gets the reader interested in your offer and what you have to say about it. Now what do you think happens if the body of your copy can’t keep up with the headline itself? Your sales prospect is just going to feel like you’ve deceived him (or her) and is going to lose interest in the actual offer that you’re offering. Crazy and wild claims don’t get people to buy from you; honesty does that job. Do everything you can to ensure that the end of your sales copy is just as fun and awesome as the beginning and the only way to do that is to be as straightforward as possible without using hype as a crutch. Be Their Friend: Does the copy you create sound exactly like a television commercial that you’ve seen too often? It is important to make sure that your prospects feel comfortable so that you can get rid of any hesitation that comes from reading an offer that feels commercial. Be a friend to your prospect and give them a friendly advice, rather than pushing down the offer down their throat. This should help you seem more reachable and show your prospects that you care. The people who come to your website are going to be a stranger as they will be reading your copy for the first time; you’ll need to make sure they feel comfortable and like you are with them every step of the way to help them convert. After all, your aim is to help your prospect with a viable solution and in the process make profits.

Bullets Help: If you let your sales copy look like a great big run on paragraph from beginning to end you won’t have a whole lot of people convinced to buy your product. You need to use lots of bullet points in your sales copy, especially when you’re giving away the benefits/advantages of your product. Your copy can be helped quite a bit by featuring lists of benefits. Anyone that’s not willing to read through your copy and just scan it won’t have a problem going through it. You’ll make a lot more money when your sales copy is as clearly laid out as possible.

In conclusion, to get the best results possible from your sales copy make sure that you approach your improvements one by one and over a good amount of time.

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