Today, the movement of people between countries is more prolific because economic and political spaces between countries have got minimized with the passage of time. This movement has facilitated the growth of international trade and has increased the demand of globally competitive employees with optimum exposure of different cultures.
Cultural background of a person vastly influences his behavior. Cultural differences can arise among colleagues due to lack of cultural awareness and can lead to misunderstandings resulting in decline in the performance. Thus it is very important to learn about differences in various cultures and customs that followed within theses cultures. Cultural awareness will help the individuals to resolve the complications easily as every person interpret circumstances differently thus choosing the best solution to the problem.

Cultural exchange programs have become an integral part of staff training programs. International companies are sending their staff for different cultural exchange programs like cultural training program, cross cultural team building and communication programs to secure their place in the global market. The main objective of this program is to give insight to employees to effective analyze the manifestations of culture in workplace. This will help in providing understanding of culture of their colleagues and clients thus resulting in efficient interpersonal interaction, mutual trust and respect to each other perspectives.

Sometimes country specific cultural exchange programs are organized, keeping in mind regular visits to specific countries or frequent interaction with overseas clients belonging to specific countries. These programmes covers areas such as values, morals, ethics, business practices, etiquette, protocol or negotiation styles which will help in building successful business relationships and productive business environment. Cultural exchange programmes are not only beneficial to employees but also for students as it provides diverse academic opportunities. They will be exposed to entirely new learning environment .Thus students will be able to explore new learning techniques, different educational formats, various educational philosophies and other academic program offerings It can be a great milestone for your career because Prospective employers will acknowledge your ability to adjust in new environment along with the experiences and knowledge gained during these programmes. Involvement in successful cultural exchange program, showcase your ability to compromise, focus, and overcome challenging times.

Culture training programmes also supervise the development of personality of an individual. It exposes employees to country’s customs, people and region and making them more culturally aware with the dealing country. This aware teaches them how to be open -minded and to mould the personality for better communication. As they are there on their own, their decisions make them suffer or enjoy the fruits of that decision thus developing a feeling of responsibility in them. Individuals returned from cultural exchange programmes have better decision making skills, take risks, have definition of their goals and are more responsible.

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