Being a proud owner of a successful business website, your primary desire assures that the website will stay up and running all the time.

Being a proud owner of a successful business website, your primary desire assures that the website will stay up and running all the time. Every website is accompanied by an appropriate Internet Protocol Address or IP address, helping to identify the domain and website on the Internet. IP addresses can also identify domain names of different websites. Access to the website can be done with effective use of the IP address or the domain name. You should have in mind that some websites share the web hosting space with other websites.
Most websites use their own web hosting server while some share it. A clear indication for a website that is sharing a web hosting server is lack of a unique IP address of its own. Most of the time, small websites share web hosting spaces to cut down on cost expenses. This kind of sharing is known as a “virtual hosting”. Virtual hosting means that a number of small or medium websites are being shared on one server, where websites will have the same IP address. If a given website is receiving a huge amount of Internet traffic, a dedicated web hosting server is a must for balancing the workload. Websites this popular should have their own unique IP addresses.
Definitely the best part of using Virtual Hosting for your websites is the small amount that you are required to pay for this essential service. If you decide to share the web hosting server space with other websites, you can possibly cut down on most expenses and consider investing in other avenues. Virtual hosting is definitely the most affordable option for a company that is just making its beginning on the market, allowing them to dip their feet in the huge virtual Internet world. Many factors affect the cost of the web hosting space including the storage space available, the technology used for designing and hosting and the bandwidth. In case you need more bandwidth, you will have to pay more money. Prices for Virtual hosting may vary somewhere between $4-20 per month. Have in mind that in average shared web hosts crash more than dedicated ones.
On the other hand, a dedicated server has a bigger price tag, but it compensates for offering many additional benefits for website owners. If you are running a bigger business website and would like to avoid the once in a while server crashes, then consider dedicated web hosting as a perfect solution for your problems. Apart from the freedom in having more storage space you also receive a unique IP address. No matter how big the generated traffic is, the bandwidth speed will not fall because the resources are not shared with other websites. Dedicated web hosting provides another big advantage that lets you set up hosting services with ease .

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