Many people do not realize that the lower back, knee or hip pain, is likely caused from an underlying issue within their feet. For this reason, instead of superficially treating your issues, you may want to consider visiting a Podiatrist Edmonton to get to the heart of the problem and fix it quickly, safely and efficiently. There are a large number of symptoms and issues that begin in your feet, but will reveal themselves in other parts of your body. The reason for this is because your feet are the foundation for your entire skeletal system. If your feet are suffering from an issue, over time, these undue forces on your body will adversely affect the other ligaments, muscles, joints and other musculoskeletal structures within your body. For that reason, you want a podiatrist Edmonton that is specially trained to treat as well as diagnose all sorts of foot problems and other issues that begin in the feet.

Simply stated, these issues are referred to as biomechanical dysfunction. They can lead to symptoms that include general fatigue, forefoot pain, heel pain, constantly sore feet and more. Many people who suffer from heel pain, which is often referred to as plantar fasciitis, generally do not seek medical attention. The problem with this is, this condition will continue to be extremely painful and deteriorate, which will increase immobility and chronic symptoms of pain. Plantar fasciitis is defined as an injury to one or more of the five ligaments that connect the metatarsals to the heel. Often, the symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis are when you experience pain in the heel of your foot when you get out of bed in the morning, or when you get up after sitting for a long period. Many people have good days and bad days, but plantar fasciitis will not heal itself without proper treatment.

Conversely, people who suffer from forefoot pain is generally because of improper biomechanics. The symptoms of forefoot pain generally occur in the ball of the foot, and has been described as burning, shooting or tingling, that continually gets worse. It is important for you to understand that your feet are extremely complex structures, as each foot has 26 bones and many ligaments and tendons. Nearly everyone will walk for their entire life with minor abnormalities in their gait. The problem is, these become symptomatic with age, and can create adverse effects within your body. The best way for you to treat constantly sore feet, is to seek out a podiatrist Edmonton who can give you a prescription for custom molded orthotics, which will alleviate these abnormalities.

Although these are some of the more severe issues associated with the feet, there are also other problems that an experienced podiatrist Edmonton can help you with. These can include ingrown toenails, bunions, hammertoes, warts, fungal infections, calluses, corns and more. Regardless of your age, it is important for you to take good care of your feet, because they will take good care of you. If you ever experience any issues concerning your feet, or have any questions, be sure to contact an association of doctors that specialize in podiatry, as they will be very happy to help you.

Do not suffer from chronic foot pain any longer. The Foot Institute Edmonton provides Podiatrist Edmonton services and Orthotics Edmonton specialists that can help relieve ankle and foot problems.

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