Even if you don’t run an online business or have your own website, you probably have heard of pay per click advertising and Google Adwords. This is an extremely popular way for businesses to reach target audiences online, using the Google search engine as the main tool to sort those who would be interested in certain products or services. If a search term typed into the toolbar matches a particular advertisement’s keywords, then the browser will show this ad along with the search results. Those who are interested in effective Adwords campaign management have other options in addition to this main search page, however.

All ads are eligible to be shown on the main Google website. However, advertisers can also choose to show their ads on partner networks such as AOL search and Netscape. These will automatically show up when users search for the corresponding keywords to each advertisement. As part of Adwords campaign management, advertisers also have the option of opting in to the Google Display Network. This shows ads on other websites that are not search engines, but are those that use AdSense, another Google program. The owners of these websites want to make money by getting paid for each click on ads that are shown on their sites
Because click through or conversion rates are lower on these network sites, the pay rate is also lower than it is for the main search engine sites. However, it will still need to be factored into the daily budget set up on Adwords, and will raise the overall cost of the program. With greater distribution can come higher conversion rates overall. To properly go about Adwords campaign management, you will need to think about the pros and cons of these different distribution options. It’s possible to choose the types of sites within the network that will show your ads, as well, further allowing you to manage your advertising budget and distribution.

Most advertisers will start out only showing their ads on the main search engine website to get the hang of how Adwords works before branching out to the larger network of distribution. Once you have mastered the basics, however, it can make a great deal of sense to look at these other distribution options, because you can reach a potentially larger audience. Adwords campaign management is full of small questions like this, because there are so many different facets to the program and to online marketing in general.

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