If you want to enhance the charm and beauty of your home, it would be recommended to use bay window treatments. The bay window’s three- dimensional design makes it challenging and complex to treat them. There are three components that will determine the type of treatment to use. These elements include the room décor, the general effect you are going for and the window’s placement. The subsequent treatment techniques will work on your bay windows.
The very first treatment option is use of drapery panels. With this option you will commonly be healing your Home windows with fabrics. Fabrics come in an array of choices due to their different feel and types. For instance, you can come to a decision to go for velvet which brings out a royal look or go for silk which brings out a luxurious look. yet another way to look at fabrics is by the way they are hanged. There are fabrics that are corded, others have gathers in the middle and others flanked on the window.
The other option is use of shades. Shades come with various styles. Shades not only have a treatment effect on the window but also the entire room. The shades must compliment the room’s décor for illustration, if your room has an earthly look it would be suggested to use bamboo shades to compliment the look. There are certain shades that permit you to control light in the room in addition to privacy.
yet another bay window treatment option is use of wood window coverings. These treatments are long lasting and secure Having said that they cost a pretty penny. Though, you can opt of faux wood which is less costly, weighs less and just as decorative.
The other option is use of stained glass. Stained glass adds color to incoming lights and gives off pretty and stylish designs that will leave your guests impressed. The only limit to this option is its high cost. Therefore, if your budget is restricted it is better you opt for less costly bay window treatments. These cheaper possibilities include the clever use of reflective chimes. You can hang them in the center window or above vegetation.
The other cheap option is adding flowering plants outside your bay window. You can either install ledges exactly where you will plant flowers or simply place the flowers below the bay windows. These will eliminate the need to buy high priced drapes. It is wise if you combine this option with colored chimes to make the look work out.
The other option is the use of shutters. Shutters will offer safety against the sun rays and still regulate the amount of filtered lgt. Shutters come in a wide array of designs like white or stained hard wood. These layouts cost differently, thus you can get a design that is within your financial reach. The advantage of this option is the fact that you can mount shutters either inside or outside your bay window.
In conclusion, when carrying out bay window treatments you should be innovative and adventurous but you should not go overboard. This is because bay Home windows are attractive all by their own without treatment.

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