You will find those who always seem to be out of time. They are continually moaning that they never have plenty of time and how they have such busy lives. But then there are those individuals who get huge amounts of things finished and still have leisure time, making you wonder whether they have some secret to making their days longer. They have simply perfected effective time management skills and anyone can certainly do the same thing. Here are a few effective time managementsuggestions to get you moving on your journey to being more effective.

Be Honest

The first thing you should do is to be frank with yourself if you would like manage your time more effectively. Write down on a piece of paper everything you do each day and how much time you spend on each and every task for a week. Theres a good chance you might be wasting time more time than you think on activities that arent all that necessary. As an example, you may think you only spend half an hour each day watching tv but will soon discover its more like a couple of hours a day. Thus, youll save more than ten hours every week by cutting the time down to 30 minutes as opposed to two hours.

Make Lists

Many people detest the idea of coming up with a task list but they are useful. Firstly, because they clear your mind, helping you to concentrate on the task at hand. You wont keep worrying about missing your kids dentist appointment or forgetting to pay a bill on time simply because youve written it down.

Setting priorities is vital to efficient time management and a to-do list can help you do this. Things like vacuuming, working on a new product, cleaning the floor and answering customer emails could all be on your to-do list if you work from your home. You can do the laundry washing the very next day if you run out of time since its fairly obvious that working on a new product is more vital. A to-do list will help you become more productive since you will discover that crossing off items as you finish them is very fun and satisfying.

Plan Playtime

Everyone repeats that you absolutely need to find time to work more and all their tips is on how to become a little more efficient so you can do precisely that. Nonetheless, if you dont arrange for breaks and playtime, youll be burning out, unable to face your life and the things you do. You absolutely have to schedule time for yourself to rest. By simply knowing youve blocked off time for yourself, you will feel more determined to get things done simply because you know you will soon be able to recharge. Scheduling work is critical but planning for time to relax is just as important. Obviously, that doesnt mean 90 % of your time should be dedicated to play but you still need to unwind often, which will drastically boost your work productivity.

We all have the same exact number of hours in a day. The key to becoming more efficient is seldom to work harder but to work wiser. The time management ideas we have talked about should help you free up time by improving your organizational skills so you can do the things you love to do.

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