Conference calling as a concept developed in the early 1990’s. Telephonic communications systems were, in essence, put a step ahead with the earliest, “conference calling concepts.” The basic theory behind the traditional 800 conference call is to route more than two callers at a time. Therefore, with activation of conference calling it became possible for more than two people to participate in a telephone conference. With time the number of receivers increased and now as many as 50 receivers or more can be accommodated by a single unit.

The benefits of this system only had one considerable disadvantage initially; the expensive long distance bills. Conference call bills quickly added up to exorbitant amounts and users slowly became more reluctant to incur such fees. However, the problem was tackled with the introduction of toll-free number services. Toll-free number services do not charge the calling party; rather the party called is liable to pay bills (calls per minute). This is a beneficial way for a company to communicate with potential customers from all around the world.

Today, with the introduction of quality VoIP services, also known as voice-over IP, the expenses associated with long distance calling have all but vanished. This technology has quickly gained speed and popularity and now, there are thousands of households that even rely on this technology for their residential phone services. Finally, businesses have a good answer to all their 800 conference call needs.

For the best 800 conference services, it is important to investigate a company’s reputation and experience before signing any agreements. Most reliable companies have years of experience with wide-reaching resources to fully handle any and all customer 800 conference call requirements. Depending on the focus of a particular company, they may wish to locate a provider that also offers free worldwide calling for maximum savings and convenience.

For a dependable, affordable, and forward-thinking 800 conference call service, turn to Conference Worldwide. Conference Worldwide has the experience and resource capacity to fully supply their clients with exceptional phone conference services and at very reasonable rates. Since its inception in 2001, this company has supplied more than 75,000 ports and has supported almost 10 billion call minutes, annually. For more information about Conference Worldwide visit them online at Learn more about how this technology can help your business succeed with a revolutionary new way of handling all your 800 conference needs.

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