Facts to consider when choosing a boat propeller

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The two main aspects which affect the selection of a decent boat propeller would be the size of your propellers and the horsepower of the engine. These elements are essential to ensure optimum boat performance and the fuel efficiency of the engine. There are additional critical considerations for selecting a good boat propeller such as, dimensions, pitch, the number of blades and the material from which the actual propeller is created.

The particular diameter and pitch are essential when picking a speed boat propeller. The diameter is the circle created by the rotating blades and the pitch is the length to which your vessel is forced forward at each rotation of the blades. The pitch must enable the boat to have optimum momentum. The best guide for the perfect diameter and pitch are the specifications written by the manufacturer of the engine of the vessel. In the event that there arent any specifications, dealers associated with boat motors are able to give the diameter pitch specs for the perfect propeller for a boat engine.

Another element to take into account when deciding on a propeller will be the number of blades. Commonly offered props come with three and four blades. The four blade propeller is actually faster, makes it possible for quick acceleration, quicker planing, increased transom height, less slippage and better holding power. The three blade propeller gives better top end speed and it is well suited for racing or speed boating. Three blade propellers can be changed to four blade propellers by reducing an inch of the pitch. The cupping of the blade is a factor to be considered. Cupping is the contour at the edge of the blade. The more the cupping the greater the grip the actual prop will have on the water. The particular thickness of the blade is also a consideration. The blades should be thin enough to cut back drag and have the required thickness for additional strength.

The way the boat is used influences propeller choice. No propeller fits all types of usage. The particular propeller should suit the purpose of using the boat. Slow boats, speed boats, tow boats and fishing boats all require different kinds of propeller. It is important to maintain your purpose of using the boat at heart when selecting a propeller. If the utilisation of the boat is to be changed, the propeller should be replaced with a more suitable propeller.

The propeller should be made of durable and non corrosive material. Aluminum props are perfect for freshwater lakes and could corrode in high seas. Stainless steel is a good option for all waters since it is corrosion resistant. Stainless steel lasts longer and costs more. Composite props can be used in all types of water environment and is an affordable alternative to stainless steel.

The brand of the propeller is an important factor. The brand must fit various engines. Well known propeller brands will give better performance. They will come with warranties. Some of them have lifetime blade and hub warranties. They are created after rigorous performance checks and will be more effective and last longer.

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