Apple released its iOS 5.1 and the new iPad, which is not iPad 3 or iPad HD, of course. People now can pre-order The new iPad and it will be available at 16th March, 2012 in few countries, such as USA, UK, Canada, HongKong and so on.

After the new iPad has been released, many faithful Apple fans felt both surprise and disappoint. When you review the conference, you will find that except the new iPad, there are many things that you need to think about and those things will be really helpful when you use iOS devices later. In the following article, I will talk about few highlights in the new iPad conference.

1. New Screen

The update of the iPad’s screen is the most exciting and can be achieved prediction before the new iPad comes out. 2048*1536 resolution makes the new iPad’s PPI reaching 264. Though it does not reach iPhone 4S’s 330, Apple already calls it Retina. The higher resolution can bring more friendly user experience and more functions, such as the iPhoto in the conference. The most direct feeling is the visual experience.

2. The first 4G LTE devices of Apple

The new iPad is the first Apple devices that supports 4G LTE in the 37 years Apple history. This 4G LTE devices has the top speed of download at 73Mbps, which is 15 times of the HSDPA+ 14Mbps. And it also means that the following Apple’s mobile devices will all support 4G LTE. Apple’s support to 4G LTE also is a sign that 4G LTE’s popular is not far away.

3. 5 million pixels

Although the iPad 2 has camera function, it is a really tasteless, because its photographic effect is just so so. Now the new iPad’s iSight camera is 5 million pixels, supports image stabilization, face recognization, Apple designed ISP, infrared filter and F2.4 aperture and so on. It is almost the same as iPhone 4S’s camera except the pixels.

4. Siri-liked function

It is a pity that Siri is not brought to the new iPad. And now iPhone 4S is the only devices that has Siri. However, the new iPad introduces a function that is really like Siri. You can voice input using this function. At the same time, in the iOS 5.1, Apple updates some functions, such as users can delete photos directly in the photo stream, Camera’s shortcuts will always showed on the lock interface and the face recognization can show all the faces that being recognized.

5. 4-Core GPU

The new iPad has A5X CPU, but Tim Cook did not give a specific introduction. However, Apple gives the 4-Core GPU a really important introduction and say that it is 4 time faster than the Tegra 3 , which is being used in Android Tablet. The GPU is really a good news for Game lovers and 1080P video capture and also the edit functions.

Of course, in this conference, there are many other things that we need to pay attention, such as the Bluetooth 4.0, 45.2 watts Battery and so on. We have enough time to have a specific look at the new iPad from Apple after we get it in our own hands.

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