Internet Marketers have a terrible time trying to make money online as theyre always trying to find new ways to drive traffic. Youre going to discover that whatever methods you use youre going to wind up investing plenty of time implementing it. Obviously when you dont have traffic you are not going to make cash which is the biggest reason you need to use some sort of traffic technique. One of these traffic generating methods which is frequently overlooked is the use of YouTube. This can be a great way to produce traffic and what I will be speaking about below.

As with any other type of marketing and advertising the very first thing youre going to must do is produce a list of key word targeted words and phrases for search engines like Google. The second thing you are going to need is a way to produce videos either of yourself by using a camcorder or by using a screen capture program to develop these videos. When you upload these videos to YouTube youre given the option to add the title for the video as well as a description, be sure to use keywords and also add a link for your website. Now to get your videos indexed and ranked high in search engines like Google you are going to need to start building links directly to the video itself.

One reason why you would like to use YouTube for marketing and advertising your website and products is mainly mainly because this web site is owned by Google Google likes to include videos in their search results and the majority of them are actually from YouTube, this is mainly because Google gives this site more authority than other video sites. And when you start building back-links to this page directly it will not take many links at all to get you first page ranking on Google for virtually any key word.

In relation to actually recording your videos you should ensure that you are providing valuable information which will end up helping the viewers of the video. I know you have seen simple videos on YouTube, that provide no information and simply want to get individuals to click a link, but simply because these videos are not interesting individuals close them before theyre done. By making interesting videos you will have the viewers attention which will also give you the opportunity to request that the particular person watching the video checks out your website.

You need to also realize that with regards to building the back-links to your YouTube video, you need to be aware that article marketing will be the best method to do this. Again you will not need to create a huge number of links in order to get first page ranking, actually you are able to typically get first page on Google with 100 links or less. For every single keyword you have on your list that you wish to target you need to generate a new video for every key word and key word phrase you wish to target. The main reason for this is so you are able to load the title and description with only one targeted keyword phase, and this will also help you to get a number of first page listings.

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