Any garden can be made more appealing when you plant a fruit tree. During the spring, the vacant branches of the winter become magical sticks that flourish and become filled with delicious fruits later on.

You dont need green fingers in order to successfully cultivate fruit trees in your garden. Simply meeting a few basic care requirements will keep your trees in a flourishing condition.

Autumn Thru Spring

You should place a protective mesh around the bottom of young fruit trees in particular. This tends to prevent rats and rabbits gnawing at the bark in winter which they will endeavor to do when their regular food items are in short supply.

If the garden is getting plenty of snow, the trunks of young fruit trees in particular must be painted with a white latex paint diluted 50% with water. This is going to stop the trunk heating up in the rays of reflected sun rays and causing damage.. At night time, the chilly air will encompass the trunk and it will often crack it. This can be a dangerous circumstance, because those cracks are perfect places for insects that can eat your tree alive.

When winter transforms to spring, youre able to do a bit of pruning preferably on a calm day when the air temperature is at least 4 deg C. Using garden shears you could make your tree into a nice-looking shape and open out the top centre of the tree. Hold horizontal branches approx 10 to 15 cms away from each other to allow air circulation.

Keep your tree free from dead or diseased branches by trimming them off with a clean cut. When any shoots appear trim them off too. Leave the biggest horizontal branches alone since these are the ones that can produce fruit. Employ special equipment to check the heights of the trees and then cut back the vertical branches to have the same length as the horizontal ones. This is going to secure the maximum return of fruit.

Watering your own tree is extremely important. A tree stressed by lack of water is subject to diseases and insect pests during the crucial period when the buds break in spring. Watering will ensure that youll have plenty of fruit to pick in the fall months.

Branches are often encouraged to grow straight by using supports. Be sure the horizontal branches dont shade each other and thus not receive the most amount of light and bear more fruit. The fruit bearing potential of your trees can be increased by using a tool that will physically open out the tree; another way of doing this is by roping your trees together. The tree mustnt be interfered with in this manner before the age of four however.

It is important that your fruit tree is pollinated in the springtime when the bloom is out. This task is carried out by bees that can be attracted to your tree by using a chemical substance which is used either early in the morning or after sunset.

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