With all of the new programs coming online almost every single week loads of individuals are forgetting about the basic way men and women can earn a living on the net. One more thing that I find rather amusing is that there are programs that can teach you exactly what we are going to teach you on this page. People have been making money with Google Adsense ever sense it first became available as a money making technique, and below we are going to show you precisely how to cash in on this.

The first thing you will have to do is to purchase a domain name and web site hosting in order to get your internet site online. The next thing you are going to have to do is learn how to access your cPanel and this is information your hosting company really should have provided you with. The reason you need to know how to access your cPanel is simply because this is how you will install a word press blog directly onto your internet site. It can be a little tricky to install this but youll be able to find videos on YouTube that will provide you with the information and knowledge you will need to accomplish this. For people wondering why we choose the word press platform it is become as its the simplest platform to use and Google loves this platform.

There are plug ins available for your word press blog that are going to assist you to optimize your site in order to help you receive the traffic you have to make cash. The first plug in I recommend everyone put on their blog is called the all in one SEO plug in, as this is going to make sure every post is optimized properly. Theres an additional plug in that is very important to have on your website and is known as the Google xml site map plug in, and this plug in will create a new site map each and every time you add content to your website so you dont have to do it manually.

If you dont yet have an account set up with Adsense, nows the time to do it because its now time to add these advertisements to your blog. The first thing youre going to need to do is produce an AdSense add which is also called a wide skyscraper. You are then going to just put this advertisement in the sidebar of your website and make sure that it can show text ads and banners.

Youre now permitted to place two more marketing and advertising blocks from Adsense on your internet site and youll actually wind up putting these directly in the content you generate. For the ads that you are going to actually be placing in your content you want them to be either rectangle or square and position them clearly in the content that men and women will be reading. Building back-links and utilizing other traffic generating techniques will be important to get individuals to your blog, and updating your blog daily is also very important.

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