Australians enjoy universal heath care treatment. Whether you rely on public health services through Medicare or fund your own through private health insurance, you can expect quality medical services.

In Western Australia, though, the facts connected with an overstressed public medical care system during an age of reduced government finances is experienced quite clearly. Comparisons between private and public health insurance in Perth shows that, if you can pay for it, going private might be great for your wellbeing.

When every second is important

The latest report submitted to Parliament gives some disturbing news. Individuals waiting to undergo urgent elective surgery in Western Australia increased by 52%. For anyone requiring Category One medical treatments (taking out prostate, uterus or gall bladders; coronary artery bypass, or; look for cancer), the figures shot up to 134 in June 2011, up from 88 about the same time in 2010. Category Three procedures, like those who need hip and knee replacement rose to 238 from 160, or around 49%

Even amongst those needing critical treatment, there was a noted rise in wait, with the discrepancies averaging around 1 to 3 percent for Category Three, Four and Five Triage patients. This is certainly specifically troublesome for Category Three Triage patients, who want medical treatment within A half-hour or less.

Stroke victims aged 60 to 69 did not get spared. In 2009, the survival rate was 92.5%. In 2010, only 89.7% of stroke victims sent to public medical centers lived through. As you well know, stroke is among the conditions that require timely medical assistance. A sharp decrease like that strongly demonstrates that stroke victims were not getting healing quickly enough to matter.

These figures are troublesome to those with public health insurance in Perth. The information reflect patterns in public hospitals and facilities in Western Australia. If one of the most prosperous states of Australia is having issues getting prompt medical attention to patients in public hospitals, whom do they seek out?

The benefits of shifting to private

People are naturally paranoid of obtaining private health insurance. Due to the distressing state of health insurance in Perth, individuals who can pay for it might consider seriously taking out their own personal medical coverage, as opposed to waiting for Medicare to be effective in a timely manner for him or her.

The primary benefit private health insurance gives is speed. It is a sad reality that hospitals have to know first if you are able to have the funds for treatment. The more assured they are, the faster they will act. Obtaining your own medical policy, and one from a respected provider, will open doors pretty quickly in your case.

One other good thing about private health insurance is what you have is your choice. It is possible to customize your plan to what you want or are willing to pay. Start from a basic plan and work through the various options according to your capacity to pay so you know what you will get when you need it.

Finally, it is really not as costly as it looks. A variety of government bonuses exist to help people transition to private health insurance. Actually, the government wants you to take out your own policy if you could afford it. If your life depends on it, why wait?

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