How Does White Kidney Bean Extract Help in Weight Loss?

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Obesity can be defined as excessive accumulation of fat in the body. The accumulated fat can cause several heath problems like diabetes, cardio-vascular disorder, osteoarthritis, obstructive sleep apnea and cancer. According to a study conducted by WHO in 2008, 200 million men and 300 million women in the world were found to be obese. The survey also revealed that 2.8 million people lose their lives each year because of obesity. The good thing about obesity is that it is preventable. Through dietary restrictions and exercise, you can certainly lose oodles of weight. However, sometimes these remedies do not work effectively. In such a case, you would need something more that can help you to shed off your excess weight in a healthy manner. White kidney bean extract can be a good choice, but before you start using this supplement, it is essential to evaluate its effectiveness.

White kidney bean extract primarily works as a starch blocker and prevents the digestion of carbohydrates. Our body needs energy to function properly. This energy comes from the digestion and metabolism of food that we take in. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats present in our food are broken down into simpler products to release energy. The cyclic process occurs continually to help us sustain life. Things become intricate when you start taking in more calories than what your body actually needs. All the leftover calories are converted into fat and stored in the muscles. If you do not restrict your diet, then fat buildup will continue, and in a short span of time, you will move from normal-weight to overweight category and later on become obese. As compared to proteins and fats, our body assimilates carbohydrates easily and quickly. By blocking the assimilation of carbohydrates, the extract persuades the body to start using the stored fat, and in this manner, it helps in weight loss.

To get a clear picture, we have to understand the working of white kidney bean. In the presence of carbohydrates, our body releases an enzyme called alpha-amylase to break them down into simpler compounds. White kidney bean extract blocks the release of alpha-amylase. As the result, about one-third of the carbohydrates are flushed out of our gastrointestinal tract without digestion. The remaining batch is digested normally. Some of the stored fat is also metabolized to fulfill the body’s energy needs. In this manner, the extract helps you to lose weight safely. In addition to weight loss, it also strengthens our immune system and effectively controls debilitating diseases like cancer, sclerosis, diabetes and arthritis. It is also a powerful antioxidant, and promotes anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity in our body.

A study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences clearly shows that white kidney bean extract certainly helps people to lose weight in a healthy manner. For the study, 60 slightly overweight people were selected and they were divided into two groups. During the 30-days study period, one group was given placebo one-hour before a carbohydrate-rich meal, and the other group was given white kidney bean extract. At the end of the study period, the subjects taking in the extract showed greater reduction in their body weight as compared to the group that took placebo. The good thing about white kidney bean extract is that it does not produce any harmful side effects. In the initial stages, a few users can suffer from flatulence and diarrhea. With time, these side effects also fade away due to habituation.

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