Inventory management is an imperative part for running a business as the ultimate success of an organization depends on whether it is able to supply the right quantity to its intended customers at the right time. The supply chain process consists of proper organization of the products that need to be sold so that there are no time snags between order placement and delivery. Customers can remains satisfied only when they are able to obtain the required goods in a timely and efficient manner.

Every company has its own unique supply chain needs and challenges. Your profitability is directly tied to your company’s ability to operate efficiently. This means your employees must be productive, your inventory must be in stock and easy to locate, and your  trucks must be on time.

At McLane Logistics Technology, we will work with you and identify all of those needs. Once we fully understand your companies’ unique demands, we will provide solutions that will maximize the efficiency and productivity of your entire supply chain.

Over 100 years of combined experience serving supply chain operations

McLane Logistics Technology will help you identify the best solutions for your organizational requirements.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Warehouse Layout
Facility Design
Network Analysis
Time Studies
Engineered Labor Standards
Equipment Justification
Efficiency Improvement Analysis
Management Support OptiSlot™ Implementation
Warehouse Management System (WMS) Selection and Implementation
At McLane Logistics Technology, we recognize these critical issues and strive to ensure that your supply chain is operating at its peak potential.


The supply chain process cannot hope to function smoothly without incorporating the requisite degree of inventory management. The elements that form a part of this process include purchases, sales, marketing processes, production processes, etc. At every stage, a company is likely to procure a certain number of products that need to be directed to the proper channels of distribution. Effective management of inventory helps create an effective mechanism to make this possible.

his ultimately leads to a reduction in manpower costs as you will not have to employee different persons to check inventory at every stage of production. The built-in mechanisms and tools will be able to automatically check for missing inventory. It can also help develop indicators for the quantity of products required to be delivered along with appropriate timelines. Inventory management software can be used these days for the process of inventory management thus doing away with the need of manual maintenance of accounts. Individual workers are not required to maintain records or check inventory levels from time to time.

The software incorporated into your system can perform all such tasks for you and provide useful information about inventory. The counting and checking of inventory takes place through machines that are designed to scan the barcodes of different products. This can help determine instantly exactly which product is missing and helps do away with the need to employ a worker to keep track of inventory levels on a regular basis.

Inventory management software helps in bringing down the operational costs of an organization to a large extent thus leading to increased profits in the long run. Mclane Logistics Technology provides complete Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, and Shipping Management Software for businesses.For more details visit :



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