The internet has a dearth of knowledge that can be readily accessed by users all over the globe. This digitalization has also made the concept of eBooks immensely popular; eBooks are made by the conversion of printed books in to digital ones. There are companies that convert book to eBook for the clients from diverse background and professions.

Gone are the days when one had to carry heavy paperbacks for reading and re-reading purposes. There are numerous websites offering eBooks, which can be easily downloaded for later reading, leaving the reader spoilt for choice. It is mandatory for an eBook to follow certain formats such as ePUB and MOBI, which allows them to be read on the various portable devices such as tablets, net books, notebooks and laptops. The Two formats include ePUB for official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum and MOBI for Amazon kindle reader. Various readers such as the Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle, and the Sony Reader allow the publishing of these eBooks. Features such as multimedia and high definition pictures appeal to the audience.

A writer can benefit immensely from the service convert book to eBook as this can help in marketing his book and make it reach a wider audience of millions of readers from every corner of the world. Amateur writers on the other hand can treat eBooks as their launch platform for gaining recognition.

There are various services available over the internet that can convert books to eBooks dealing with various formats such as doc, html, docx, rtf, pdf and txt. In case, if the book is in the printed format, then it can be converted in to digital form by using a scanner. Soft copies of books can be easily converted to eBooks because of their compatible formats.

It is always advisable to invest in a service that can help in publishing a book for online presence and sending them to the right retailers. Moreover, the service provider should have a credible experience of converting books to eBooks.

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