When you think about those around you, it is very apparent that a few find it hard to remember things while others never seem to forget anything. There arent many things in life as irritating as trying to deal with an individual who remembers an event in a different way than you do. The fact that the memory powers of men and women can differ so much would suggest that its not just something you inherit but more to do with the methods you use to remember things. There are actually numerous tips and tricks that you can follow to boost your memory and in this article were going to look into some of the ways you can enhance your memory skills.

One of the wonderful natural gifts of childhood is our imagination and it is a shame that this tends to be discouraged as we get older. It is no coincidence that as a child we use our imaginations as a means to learn new things and easily remember them. We need not lose our power to dream and to explore the world around us in unique ways as a tool for memorization. It probably isnt out of the ordinary for you to get confused about the address and not be able to recall exactly what it is. Nevertheless, taking the example of the street number, if you imagine that in your mind as a pulsating neon light, you will more readily recall it later by closing your eyes and replaying that image in your head.

Our emotions and senses in addition play a huge role in our memories and you can likely think of aromas and music that take you back clearly to a moment in your life. As music reaches into your brain through your senses, you may be able to aid your recall by utilizing music. For instance, if you are endeavoring to learn something new, you may want to try absorbing the information while playing a piece of music you like in the background. The next time you find yourself looking for very simple techniques to enhance your memory, try listening to music as you learn.

The appropriate use of repetition could also help with some areas of memory and an example of this is when you are trying to make sure you remember the name of someone new you have met. So when you are meeting someone new, rather than thinking about how you will introduce yourself, repeat that persons name in your head frequently. Then use that persons name out loud in the discussion as much as is appropriate in order to reinforce with sound and motor function what youre repeating in your head. In fact, if you use their name in chat as much as you are able to in that very first meeting and you are far less likely to forget it down the road.

When you start to put some of these methods into action youll be astonished at how quickly you can boost your memory.

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