One thing you are going to find is that for people who actually intend to become successful online youre going to need to promote. Obviously getting this traffic isnt always easy and is oftentimes very expensive. Google offers a program that allows people to purchase advertising for their web sites. Theres now an option to Google and thats to start using face book ads for your advertising needs. Although many of you already understand that you have two options for your paper click marketing, you are not quite sure which is best for your needs. On this page were going to be checking out the two different programs and try and help you to decide which is better for your marketing needs.

Google actually has a fantastic advantage over face book ads and that is the reality that Google are able to reach more people than face book. One thing you need to actually recognize about Googles Advertising and marketing is that your ads will wind up appearing on other peoples internet sites throughout the entire online world. The advertisements that appear on the people sites will wind up being targeted to what you are promoting. Lets say for example that youre promoting a product to help individuals deal with their acne, youre Google ads will end up on other web sites that cope with acne or other skin conditions. While Google does have many advantages over face book ads, I should mention that you will wind up paying a lot more cash for these ads.

Needless to say, when we look at the face book marketing platform you will find that there are few similarities as well as a few differences. The ads that you end up setting up with face book will show up to men and women who are interested in what you have to offer. This means that regardless of what your advertising and marketing the men and women who see your ads will actually would like what youre offering to sell. However one drawback from this marketing platform is that your ads are only going to appear on face book. Of course un-like Google Adwords, the advertisements you place on face book are going to wind up costing you a lot less cash. One of the largest advantages of this is that mainly because you are paying so much less you are going to have the ability to get much more marketing. The potential for making money when youve got more advertising is obviously greater than if you have less marketing and advertising.

Hopefully the information and knowledge we offered here has given you enough information to see the difference between these two marketing platforms. With both Google and face book youre going to find that both have their own benefits and drawbacks. At this stage you will need to weigh the differences and decide which program will best suit the needs you have for your internet site.

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