If you want top search engine rankings for your website you have to already know that proper search engine optimization is the technique to get this ranking. While Googles updates at times change as well as the on and off page optimization you have to do, the basic principles will always remain the same. Many years ago if you wanted your internet site to be in the search engines you needed to create a key word targeted site and submit this site to the search engines. In time Google decided that they should start using back-links as a sort of vote for your site in order to rank in the search engines. With Google continuously changing how they rank internet sites in their results back link building and search engine submission is a thing that many people wonder if they should still be doing.

In this paragraph were going to be looking at the importance of search engine submission to see if it is still needed. As we mentioned before search engine submission used to be incredibly important to get your internet site indexed. But with search engines like Google generating spiders to go out and find websites, as long as you have begun building back-links search engines like Google will find your website without an issue. Of course one of the benefits of submitting your website to search engines like Google every month is to make certain that the search engines consistently visit your website. The more often search engines visit your website the more theyre able to update the current content you may have added. To sum up, submitting your website to the various search engines isnt something you need to do but is actually a good thing to do each and every month anyway.

While search engine submission is no longer a necessity youre going to see that back link building is still vitally important. Back-links have been and continue to be really crucial in your search engine ranking. While Google creates updates almost monthly, theyre going to more than likely continue to use back-links as one of their ranking factors. What meaning is that you should still be building back-links every single day for your internet site as its going to still help you rank higher in the search engine results. You should also keep in mind that the old adage more is better, is particularly true when it comes to building back-links Do not forget that on page optimization also has a lot to do with how well you will rank for the keywords youre targeting in your back links.

While nobody knows just how Googles algorithms work for ranking sites, some of these algorithms are known. In the event you only take one thing away from this informative article it ought to be that back link building continues to be key and search engine submission is optional. You should also keep in mind that Google doesnt only use back-links to rank your website as there are a huge number of other little things that Google looks at to determine the value of your website. And Google will actually count all of the different back-links you have, assign value to each and every back link and blend it with additional factors to ascertain your overall ranking.

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