For those of you who want to be successful in your web based business venture you need to already understand that web site traffic is key. I should point out that not all traffic is created equal and with regards to generating traffic to your site, targeted visitors is the best kind you can get. When were speaking about targeted visitors were talk about men and women who actually go to your internet site mainly because theyre interested in what you need to sell. There are lots of methods for getting this sort of traffic, such as getting top rankings in the major search engines or using a pay per click type of program. Leads leap is really a program that actually provides you with pay per click type ads, and its also the program were going to be going over in this article.

One of the greatest things concerning this program is that you can actually join for free and place Google type advertisements on blog pages all over the internet. The ads you create would look very similar to a typical Adwords ad that you would set up with Google Of course the best thing about this program is that you can in fact get these in ads for free and are not going to have to pay for every single click. This system works with credits, and they actually present you with 100 free credits when you join. One of the greatest and easiest ways to start earning more credits is by referring new folks into their program.

Of course they also offer a pro membership that you can sign up for which will enable you to show your advertisements with out the need of credits. You can expect to get about 300 visitors each month to your website if you opt to sign up for the pro membership. And because their pro membership only costs $20.00 if you enroll in this membership when you join, it means you will only be paying about 6 and 1/2? per click. This is in fact an amazing price to get targeted visitors to your site. Especially considering the fact that Google will end up charging you anywhere from 50? to $5.00 per click to place ads on their internet site.

Theres one drawback to this program and thats the fact that the blogs your advertisements will show upon are in the Internet Advertising and marketing niche. The blog pages where your adverts will be appearing, are on a blog thats actually in the Internet Marketing and advertising niche, so a weight loss ad are not going to do that well. Of course if you are in the Internet Advertising niche this program is a thing that can get you the targeted traffic you need.

This is actually a system that I have been using for the past couple of years, and I have been very pleased with the traffic I receive. When I joined I opted for the pro membership and for this reason and Im permitted to add two Google type adverts to their blogs. On average between the two ads that Ive made with leads leap, this program winds up sending in excess of 400 targeted visitors to my site every month. Meaning that I am actually only paying 5? for each click.

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