A meeting by phone offers great possibilities for companies to develop and build relationships. There are several reasons why companies must consider a call meeting instead of writing emails or just making those expensive telephone calls. There is a huge difference between a telephone call and organizing a meeting by phone.

A meeting by phone usually takes place with the help of an Internet connection and allows people to look at each other and share files, whereas making telephone calls are done with the help of a telephone connection and allow for exchange of only voice. International calls are charged dearly by telephone network provider, whereas any call that is made with the help of Internet will be calculated as data and would help in saving a lot of money. Some of the reasons why a phone meeting must be considered as top priority by companies are listed below:

•    Flexibility: A call meeting is always better than making telephone calls, or writing lengthy emails. A meeting by phone offers flexibility in terms of time and also in terms of the duration of the meeting itself. Companies won’t have to worry about the expensive telephone call rates, when it comes to making Internet telephone meetings.

•    Easy Planning: Companies can call meeting whenever they want, and they can plan ahead if they would want to set up the meeting at a particular time. This would be really helpful in International meetings as there are always time differences involved. With the help of a meeting by phone, one can be flexible about talking to clients and thus reduce the distance, in a figurative sense.

•    Low Costs: Any meeting by phone which is done with the help of an Internet connection is always cheaper than calling up conventional telephone numbers. Conventional calling costs a lot of money, especially if it is an International call. With the help of Internet, one can hold or call meeting for as long as they want.

•    Great Results: When a company is able to hold a meeting by phone with the help of Internet, they can always make sure that the real issue is given more importance than the actual mode of communication. Companies can rest in peace and handle more important issues during the meeting than worrying about cutting the call and reducing costs.

ConferenceWorldwide.com is one of the leading teleconference service providers who make sure that companies get to hold a meeting by phone without spending much. They are based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have more than 75,000 ports and can handle more than 10 billion minutes annually. They offer great call meeting services.

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