Turkish Airlines has been a part of the Star Alliance network of airlines since April, 2008. The airlines have more than 15k employees and are located in the Ataturk Intl Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Over the past few years, Turkish Airlines has been honored with many different prestigious awards. One of these awards was received from Skytrax because it supplies the highest rated Economy Class flight food service in the business. In addition, Turkish Airlines has been said to be the fastest growing airlines in Europe. This should not come as a surprise considering the number of consecutive years in which profits have grown.

Turkish Airlines will be establishing a new route to Valencia in Spain at the end of March, 2011, which will be serviced four times per week. The following month will also see an additional route, namely Malaga, Spain to Istanbul. This route will be covered three times per week. These destinations are an expansion to the routes the airline already offers to Spain, namely Madrid and Barcelona. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg for what will be quite a busy year for the company. Turkish Airlines will add quite a number of destinations to their already impressive list throughout 2011. Sometime during the summer, it is expected for flights to Toulouse, Lyon, Paris and Nice in France to start operating. That will bring the total international destinations to 175, and the year has only just begun. Just late last year in October of 2010, English soccer team, Manchester United, and Turkish Airlines completed final negotiations for a contract extending for just over three years. Manchester United will be featured in a TV ad that will present the new concept Turkish Airlines has for business travel. This is an exciting time for both organizations for many reasons. The concept of the adverts is to have some of the team’s most reputable players enjoying their business class experience with Turkish Airlines.

This is wonderful news for those who are members of Miles & Smiles because the combination of technology and innovation will make things much more convenient. With the help of messaging applications, these reward program members have the ability to get account updates by using this technology. The main purpose of this service is to inform the members about their accrued mileage. This is a very important service because not only does it have an effect on the member’s actual benefits, but it also impacts the upgrade level requirements. The main purpose is to give updated information so that people can benefit from their miles in a timely manner. At the close of the first decade of the new millennium, Turkish Airlines has found itself with a lot of new growth and success. The company has been doing all of the right marketing moves with the right number of celebrities. They are quickly going into new markets that goes right along with an international campaign of brand alertness. But they also witnessing good results as a result of their good effort. They have been the recipients of international industry awards for service and marketing. We think that this is an unique example of how the management and the government can produce good results.

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