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All companies nowadays hold events of various kinds and sizes. Corporate events vary from product launches, corporate meetings, press conferences, seminars and lectures, and extensive training programs. The marketing and promotional events of companies could also be like the companies’ participation in trade fairs and expos. All managements desire to have the best exhibit and display, with an increased number of footfalls.

Companies and corporate managements realize that for the show to be a success, and for reaching out to a crowd of potential customers, they need an excellent display of their products, have meaningful talk shows, and have an interactive kiosk. It is for these reasons that all businesses now look for the best LCD monitor screens and touch screens for the venue of the proposed event. The best option for them is to go for LCD display rentals as well opt for the services of a quality touch screen hire. Not only do the rentals offer a variety of popular brands to select from, but also prove to be cost saving.

LCD TV and Monitor Screens

LCD, which stands for ‘Liquid Crystal Display’ is an electronically visual and flat panel display, or a video display which uses the modulating properties of liquid crystals. Modern Computer LCD Monitors and LCD Televisions are some of the applications of LCD technology. The display monitors are available in a variety of screen sizes. LCD’s are more energy efficient.

Advantages of LCD

  • They are very compact and light
  • They have a low consumption of power
  • There is no geometric distortion with them
  • They are not affected by screen burn-in
  • There is little or no flicker due to the backlight technology
  • They can be made in almost any size and shape
  • There is no resolution limit to them, theoretically

Benefits of a Genuine LCD Rental Service 

  • Many LCDs may have slow response time, and many inexpensive LCDs do not display all colours; many displays in fact have images with unnatural or too much of contrast. It becomes therefore important to avail the services of only a genuine LCD display rental. Most of the persons leasing computer LCD displays may not distinguish a quality high-end LCD computer from a cheaper one, and may end-up renting a sub standard LCD monitor screen of poor quality.  It is becomes therefore vital that you approach only an efficient and quality LCD display rental and avail the best offer and not get duped with a sub standard LCD.
  • Another benefit of availing the services of a good computer LCD rental is that they offer a variety to choose from depending on your budget.
  • Leasing a LCD monitor is a much inexpensive exercise compared to buying one, or to keep on upgrading it.
  • Most LCD display rentals install the equipment for you at the site of the venue and offer their services for the entire duration of your program or show.
  • Should you need some special software for your exhibition, the LCD display rental service providers will download it for you and explain you its essential features.

Touch Screen Display Kiosks

For all those companies who really want to make a big success of their display at the trade fair or an exhibition, and wish to have their products or services be known to a larger number of interested persons are best advised to avail the services of a quality touch screen hire.

Touch screen displays offer an ideal system of interactive kiosks where the prospective customer can have all the information he needs, just by a simple touch. The much enlarged image of the product without any distortions is so user-friendly that it is an added step towards meeting your marketing goals.

Advantages of Touch Screen Hire

  • You can expect a larger footfall at your site of the exhibition, and thus an enhanced overall promotion of your product.
  • The visitors’ engagement with your products or services increases making them more interested in the offers you are making.
  • The enquiries and queries on your products become more.
  • The exhibition space being limited, touch screen display kiosks offer a maximum utilization of space.
  • Touch screen displays creates an interesting and attractively enlarged image on the minds of the customers, which may turn some if not all, from prospective buyers into actual buyers.
  • The visitors and potential customers can use the touch screen display for the same functions, which they get on their PCs or laptops.
  • There is option for short term rental or long term leasing of touch screens displays for your office or commercial use.
  • The touch screen kiosks are delivered and installed directly at your site of the exhibition by the touch screen rentals and collected by them without having you to make any efforts. You can even brand the display screens with your company logos.
  • The very large kind of the display screens give stunning effect and can engage a whole group of people at the same time. This raises the number of potential customers for future, creating huge brand awareness at the same time.

You can show your clients and customers that you care for them, and that’s why you are giving them the much personalised service of an enhanced display of their desired products on touch screens — that can be easily adjusted by them simply with a push of a button. In the long run the quality of service you provide to your clients is reflected on the image and reputation of your company, and isn’t that what everyone aspires for?

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