With the second recession round the corner, every company is looking for cost effective solutions in operating the business. One such area where the companies want to reduce their cost is the expenditure on meetings. For those looking to cut down the meeting expenditures, phone meeting is a perfect alternative.

Today, conference call is one of the important tools for every company to discuss various strategies and minimize physical meetings. A phone meeting is therefore the perfect solution for every small, medium and large sized company to engage in business related discussions etc. A majority of the companies are switching over to this easy and reliable option which is time saving as well as cost effective.

Irrespective of the popularity for this service, many are still in unconvinced state of mind on whether to use the call meeting option or not. Let us look at the changes it can bring to your business.

Reduction of expenditure

While majority of the companies incur lot of expenditure on meetings, there are many areas that goes unnoticed. Imagine a situation where you want to have a physical meeting with 10 people located at different locations. In order to attend the meeting in person, all these 10 people have to incur travel expenditure to reach the city as well as the meeting point.

To add to this expenditure, there could be other costs involved such as food, electricity and so on. If you add the expenditure of return etc, the costs are too much to handle. A phone meeting in contrast is just will be cheaper by 90%.

Waste of time

In the same scenario, if you calculate the time spent on travel (both forward & return journey), the hardship looks totally unnecessary. We end up spending almost 10 hours for a task that could have been done in just 1 hour.

What we understand from the above illustration is that the physical meeting would involve at least 10 times more expenditure and time. A call meeting in contrast is time saving and at the same time is a cheaper option.

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