Correctly optimizing your web page can help out a lot when you want to begin acquiring the attention of the search engines, its not all about linking. How you have the keywords placed throughout your site is going to be one of the biggest ways to boost your ranking and in turn get you more of the search engine visitors. In this article were going to be covering a few ways to place your keywords within your website in order to get more love from the search engines.

The first thing the majority of you probably know is that you should have the keyword or keyword phrase inside the URL of the site. Its not exclusively for websites but for blogs as well. Each and every post you make needs to have the principle keyword in the URL. This is extremely simple to do with a wordpress platform as you can modify the link while your writing your post.

Something else people dont typically think about are the H1, H2 and the H3 tags on the web pages. You should ensure your keyword or phrase is actually included in all of these tags. Having your keywords in these tags will allow the search engine crawler pickup what your Internet site is about.

The first sentence rule is something that many individuals are probably already aware of. This essentially means that each and every page you create should have the keyword or keyword phrase within the first sentence of the content. Nevertheless, although you may may already know that, there is still another rule you probably do not know about and thats the last sentence rule. It is basically the same as the first sentence rule however it applies to the last sentence of content on your page.

There is another factor you need to deal with referred to as keyword density and this is also important. To find out the keyword density, it is quite simply the percentage of times it is found on your page when compared to how many other words you have on that web page. In between 3% and 5% is where you will want your keyword density to be. Keyword stuffing is when you simply add the keyword to nearly every sentence and the search engines may penalize you for that.

Formatting the keywords appropriately is something else that I would like to cover with you. Through out your article or site make certain all but 1 example of your keywords and phrases are either bold, italic or underlined. Pretty much what you must do is to make sure you are using these text formats for almost every single instance of your keyword on your site. The key here is to use a different format every time you make use of the keyword. Never just place every one of your keywords in bold print throughout the course of the entire page.

Receiving a higher ranking is what it is actually about and by following the tips above you may very well obtain the ranking you need. Yet another thing on the building back-links portion, is that you will need to begin creating links to all the web pages on your website or blog and never concentrate on just the home page.

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