PPC advertising is similar to other advertising and marketing methods in that what you do upfront as preparation can have a dramatic impact. As a matter of fact, you can either do well or bomb based upon what was done in the preparation stages. That may sound a bit dramatic, but I assure you that is completely true. This is also based on personal experience. If you have never taken the time to become knowledgeable about running a PPC campaign, then you will be stumped on how it really works. Your first couple of campaigns might be harder and take longer to go live. But as you continue to gain experience you will become more efficient.

One thing that is no longer welcomed at Google AdWords are destination sites that only have a few pages. If you have any expectations of doing PPC advertising, then you should not even try slipping a squeeze page by them. You can greatly diminish your learning curve when you listen to folks who have been at it for years. You do not have to build a huge site in order to satisfy the manual reviewers at Google, and just create a site with roughly ten pages of content. You probably should not even include the optin on the actual landing page, but you can put it on other pages.

As you continue to get your feet wet in PPC, you will find out about negative keywords. Only PPC advertising is privy to these keywords. These keywords will hinder your ad from being displayed. As a result of negative keywords, you will keep more cash in your pocket and get more conversions. When your conversion rates increase, then your CPC will decrease. This keeps more money in your pocket. So, do not leave them out of your ad groups. Never forget to set them up. Negatives will come in handy during your campaigns because you do not want people who are on the fence.

Any time that you create and run your own PPC ad campaign you want to reach people who are in the last phase of the keyword cycle–the buying phase. There are several phases of research people do, and this has been known for years, the gathering information phase all the way to buying. There are lots of different free teaching tools that will show you all of the various methods you can use to find ‘buying’ keywords. By the way, those are keywords and phrases that people type into a search engine when they are ready to buy something. This is why you need to put them into your campaigns; so that your ads will be what they see.

These are the kinds of PPC advertising strategies you will learn from a reputable source such as eBook or course on the subject. We do not think that it is good to learn from Google’s free info. This is because it is not focused and not very good. Locate a good learning tool and study everything about it. When you are ready, then jump on it.

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