Dusts would be the most common elements of the atmosphere. These people mix with air such as other gaseous elements of the air making them invisible. If the environment is abounded with dusts, it might be foggy. This foggy weather is harmful with regard to health. So controlling dusts is important. Among various dust controlling systems dust collectors are one of the best systems. They are especially suitable for the industries.

What are Dust Collectors?

Every industry produces polluted atmosphere that contains dust, chemical and other elements that are hazardous with regard to health. To make the air of the industry friendly for the employees it is important to make it dust free. Dust collectors are the products that are used to filter dirt from the polluted air and also to discharge clean air in the industrial environment.

A dust enthusiast system consists of a blower, dirt filter, a filter-cleaning system, and a dust receptacle or dirt removal system. Dust collectors protect both employees and society from exposure to pollution.

Different Dust Collectors

Among various types of dust collectors Inertial Separators, Baghouse Collectors, Wet scrubbers, Electrostatic Precipitators and Cartridge Dust Collectors are most commonly used.

Inertial Separator

To separate dust through gas an inertial separator is used. This is a combination of gravitational, inertial, and other forces. On the basis of the combination of the forces inertial separators are available in different types. Settling chambers, Baffle compartments, and Centrifugal collectors are the three most common types of the inertial separator.

Baghouse Enthusiasts

Baghouse, made of woven or felted cotton, synthetic, or glass-fiber, is a material dust collector and it is one of the most efficient and cost effective dust collectors. In this system, the dust filled air stream passes through fabric bags that filtration system the dust particles.

Moist scrubbers

In this system liquid are generally used where the liquid makes the contact with the gasoline stream containing dust contaminants. For higher dust elimination efficiency greater contact from the gas and liquid stream is required. In the system dirt is captured by the scrubbing liquid in droplets. They are collected and eliminated.

Electrostatic Precipitators

To separate dust particles through exhaust gases, electrostatic forces are utilized in this system. In this dust collectors dirty air flows through an ionized passing. While passing between electrodes the dust particles received a negative charge and then the particles tend to be attracted to grounded or favorably charged electrodes on collection plates while the clean air flows away. Power supply unit, Ionizing section, an easy method of removing the collected particulates and housing to enclose the precipitator zone are the main components from the electrostatic precipitators.

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collectors, employed punctured metal cartridges that contain the pleated, nonwoven filtering media, are an alternative to a bag filter. They will use lower filtration velocities and are more compact. They are available in single use or continuous duty designs.

Need for Dust Collectors

Dust collector is an important aspect in any work space. Fresh air in almost any work space is a must. Air filled with dust can create different side effects on the employees. Laws are passed and strictly adopted to make sure a healthy working environment for the employees. To install the dust collector is a must for the companies to be within the regulations of the government.

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