Leasing an office is an inexpensive and business savvy option when considering your bottom line. It also offers you the scope to select a provider that can offer extra value in terms of the service and support you need for your business.

Office expenses are a major cause for concern for businesses and not every business, especially in the early days is in a position to buy its own office space. Leasing an office is an inexpensive and business savvy option when considering your bottom line. It also offers you the scope to select a provider that can offer extra value in terms of the service and support you need for your business.

Here are some tips when considering office rental in Oxfordshire

Compare rates from different office space providers and business parks to help you narrow the choice down. For most businesses, the option of buying a furnished office is attractive as it saves on the cost of purchasing office furniture and allows you to move in immediately.

Renting offices in the Abingdon or Oxford area is ideal for small business start ups as there is excellent road and rail access to London, the south and Midlands and also a wealth of potential customers located in the region. Renting an office space in Culham, near Abingdon and Oxford also has the added attraction of being in a place that’s world famous for its science and technology. Nearby Harwell was even designated a Government Enterprise Zone in 2011.

Normally only established businesses have the money to buy or own their own office space. Financially it makes sense to rent an Office Space on the outskirts of Abingdon or Oxford as it can be more cost effective than being in the centre of town where rents can be at a higher premium. Culham Innovation Centre is a beautiful location and is close to both Abingdon and Oxford.

When considering hiring office space, think about finding an office for let that has all the necessary facilities that you need. This may include security personnel, office security for valuable items, a reception team, call answering service, technicians and maintenance teams on hand to sort out any problems quickly when they arise. Access to these services is generally at a reduced cost as it is effectively shared with other tenants rather than becoming a burden on a single business.

Businesses that rent offices are also protected by a number of laws that their landlord must adopt, offering them protection and peace of mind. Good landlords will also invest in new services and improvements to the offices in their centre to attract and retain businesses tenants.

Compared to buying an office space, renting office space in Abingdon or Oxford is cheaper and Culham Innovation Centre is definitely worth exploring as an option. Businesses owners needn’t spend valuable capital on assets such as land space, structural design and the cost of building when everything they need is already in place. Renting is also a great option for start up businesses who would benefit from having other businesses and experts close by. Being on your own in business can be a lonely place so sharing an office space can bring you into contact with people you can usefully business network with. A good business centre will also lay on events and business networking for customers in their serviced offices – often free of charge. This can be a huge benefit to a small business.

Businesses renting office space near Oxford and Abingdon on an ongoing basis will also find they have additional access to handy amenities such as meeting and conference rooms – sometimes at no extra cost. Often there are other amenities nearby including a Post Office, convenience store, bank and gym facilities. Serviced Offices near Abingdon and Oxford are the ideal choice for most businesses and their rental fees will also give them vital access to the telecom and data centre services needed to run a business.

If your rented office gives you access to meeting and conference rooms, there may be anopportunity to run your own seminars there for your clients or to invite prospective clients to a meeting room that gives a professional image of your company, key for your reputation and brand.

It is important to understand that there are different types of rental options when it comes to hiring office spaces. There are short term rents and long term rents and choosing either of them depends on the kind of business you have and how long you plan to utilise your office space. Short term rentals as the name suggests are meant to be renewed every six months, whereas long terms rentals can be over an agreed extended period. Some long term rental options can be available on discounts.

The bottom line is that renting serviced offices in Abingdon or Oxford is a better investment than purchasing an office one and is one that gives the business owner much greater flexibility. This will help them to focus on the things that are really important to their business rather than worrying about their office space.

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