If your business is a start up or in its infancy office space rental is definitely the most cost effective route for you. Here we offer some guidance on things to think about if you are considering an office let.

If your business is a start up or in its infancy office space rental is definitely the most cost effective route for you. Here we offer some guidance on things to think about if you are considering an office let.

Office space near Abingdon and Oxford is plentiful and often cheaper than offices located in the centre of nearby towns and cities that frequently carry a cost premium on them.

Moving out of an existing office rental can be a hassle but planning ahead means you could move in to new business premises at short notice, and they could be completely furnished and already equipped with the communication equipment you need.

An office space within a business centre environment can have many advantages too. Your clients will gain a good impression of your business as you will be within a professional situation, at a known business address. You will also have access to a raft of additional business services and support, plus the opportunity to network with fellow businesses within your business centre. An Innovation Centre such as the one at Harwell near Abingdon and Oxford has specific support packages for businesses including those with a more scientific or technical bias such as access to clean rooms.

There are many people who understand the value of having a rented office space as it gives their clients easy access to them at a convenient location. Harwell near Abingdon and Oxford is an excellent location with fast road and rail links to the North, Midlands, South and London. Renting offices in Oxfordshire, near Harwell also offers a gateway to a rich mixture of business sectors nearby, including those based on the Harwell Campus. This makes Oxfordshire a perfect place to locate your new business, especially if you have future ambitions to grow. Harwell, near Harwell was designated a UK Business Enterprise Zone in 2011.

Even established businesses may struggle to find the capital to buy their own office premises and it’s not always a good investment from a tax and cashflow perspective. Financially, it can make much more sense to rent an office space near Abingdon or Oxford, Oxfordshire than buy. All the necessary facilities are provided with a serviced office space and there’s also a wide range of handy amenities nearby including restaurants, pubs, gyms, post offices and sandwich shops.

Business parks and innovation centres that offer office space for rent can also provide useful shared security personnel, technicians and maintenance support, reducing the cost burden on individual businesses. For example a shared reception facility can remove the need to hire extra administrative support in or employ a call answering service. It also means a real person can meet and greet your clients when they attend business meetings at your business centre or office.

Using a serviced office that’s hired, whether it is furnished or unfurnished can offer extra protection for small businesses as there are tenancy laws in place in the UK to protect the rights of business tenants. Landlords must also adhere to current health and safety legislation to ensure business or innovation centre occupants are not placed at risk.

Compared to buying an office space, renting office space in Abingdon or Oxford is cheaper and Harwell Innovation Centre is definitely worth exploring as an option. Businesses owners needn’t spend valuable capital on assets such as land space, structural design and the cost of building when everything they need is already in place. Office renting is also a great option for start up businesses that would benefit from having other businesses and experts close by. Being on your own in business can be a lonely place so sharing an office space can bring you into contact with people you can usefully business network with. A good business centre will also lay on events and business networking for customers in their serviced offices – often free of charge. This can be a huge benefit to a small business.

Businesses renting office space near Oxford and Abingdon on an ongoing basis will also find they have additional access to handy amenities such as meeting and conference rooms – sometimes at no extra cost. Often there are other amenities nearby including a Post Office, convenience store, bank and gym facilities. Serviced Offices near Oxford, Abingdon and Reading in Berkshire are the ideal choice for most businesses and their rental fees will also give them vital access to the telecom and data centre services needed to run a business.

If your rented office gives you access to meeting and conference rooms, there may be an opportunity to run your own seminars and conferences there for your clients or to invite prospective clients to a meeting room that gives a professional image of your company, key for your business reputation and brand.

It is important to understand that there are different types of office rental options when it comes to hiring office spaces. There are short term office rents and long term office rents and choosing either of them depends on the kind of business you have and how long you plan to utilise your office space. Short term office or innovation centre rentals as the term suggests are meant to be renewed every six months, whereas long term office rentals can be over an agreed extended period. Some long term office rental options can be available on discounts. It is definitely worth asking what offers and benefits are available for your business.

The bottom line is that renting serviced offices in Abingdon, Oxford or near Reading in Berkshire is a better investment than purchasing an office and is an option that gives the business owner much greater flexibility. This will help budding entrepreneurs to focus on the things that are really important to their business rather than worrying about their office space or business tenancy agreement.

There are certain things that individuals and businesses need to keep in mind before they seek out rental office spaces. The first requirement when hiring a rented office space or serviced office is that security arrangements are in place to protect valuable office items including computers, peripherals and sensitive documentation.

It is also important to check the interior of your rented office to see if any renovation is required, or if the landlord is prepared to do this. If you lease your office there can be strict clauses about office reinstatement when you eventually exit your tenancy agreement and leave your office. It is advisable to seek legal advice when reviewing your tenancy agreement as mistakes can be costly. Landlords may also including caveats about not moving specific items and what you can/can’t do with your office rental configuration.

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