In Search Engine Optimization or SEO, you should always compete with other similar websites in order to top Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rank. Knowing your competitors strategy is beneficial for deciding the right step to maximize your own website. Besides for analyzing and testing your websites performance, you can also use web analytics tools to find out how well your competitors in their SEO project. In SiteTrail, you can keep track of your rival websites for free.

What is SiteTrail?
SiteTrail is a platform that assists you in website analysis. SiteTrail is also one of the most complete sources for the latest news about media and technology. By providing both analysis and breaking news about your favorite websites, you can monitor their development regularly.

How to get the latest news from SiteTrail?
Getting hot news about media and technology from SiteTrail is very easy. There are three simple steps you need to perform in order to get your desired news on certain website:
1. Find your favorite website
When you visit SiteTrail, you will notice that there is a search box available at the upper right corner of the website. Try to input the name of your favorite website into the box and find the profile of the preferred website.
2. Trail the site
In the website profile youve chosen, you will find a small blue-colored button with “Trail Site” writing on it. Click the button to get regular updates of the website from the SiteTrail.
3. Get your updates
After you have clicked the “Trail Site” button, come back to SiteTrails website to get updates on your preferred website.
These three simple steps can be done not only to one website, but to as many websites as you like. Keeping updated news of your favorite or competitor websites will help you in knowing the latest trends on the Internet and deciding which steps will work best for your websites optimization.

How to get competitor website analysis from SiteTrail?
When you submitted your account to SiteTrail to get the latest news about particular website, you will automatically get free analysis of the website in the form of a quick snapshot. The best thing about the analysis is that you are required to spend no money in getting it; its absolutely free. Plenty of analyses you can get from SiteTrail include:
1. Social Media
Showing statistics of your favorite website in social media such as how many Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Flickr pictures, Yahoo stories, Reddit submissions, Wikipedia articles, YouTube videos, and other bookmarks the website has.
2. SEO
Giving you details about website indexes on search engines, the quantity of the websites backlinks, the last bot visits on the website, directory listing, and DMOZ categories.
3. Visitor
Providing statistics of monthly visitors and visits, pageviews, syndications (RSS subscribers), and the percentage of visits from particular countries.
4. Traffic
Giving metrics about the websites ranking on major traffic ranking services and blogs such as Compete, Technocrati, and Alexa.
5. Revenue
Recording yearly earnings of the website.
6. Content
Content analysis gives details about the websites title, meta description, meta keywords, keyword density, page size, and images.
7. Link
Providing details on internal links, outbound links, anchor texts, and outbound domains.
8. Hosting
This part features IP Address, IP Decimal (Long), Reverse IP, Server Location, and Hosting company.
9. Domain
Featuring domain status, registrar, name-servers, registrant contact, admin contact, and technical contact of the website.
10. Server
Server analysis features the usage of software and languages as well as the page speed of your favorite website.
11. Color
Keeping tracks of the websites web template color palette.
12. DNS Record
Keeping tracks of the websites address, server, authority, mail exchanger, and text records in its domain name system (DNS).
13. HTTP Header
This analysis shows how your favorite website responds to incoming Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests from connecting clients.

Keeping tracks of your competitor website is beneficial for your SEO project. Learn more about this sitetrail from our link.

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