Mastering college physics get easier with our rapid e-learning tutorials which gives you a thorough insight into the subject. We bring to you the fundamentals of physics in an easy to understand way through our various interesting methods like flash movies, flash games etc. We make clear all the concepts using animation and annotations. The step wise problem solving and topic summarizing will you a classroom feeling, as the lectures are developed and explained by the college professors. Our rapid e-learning package for College Physics is a complete solution for your preparation that includes 24 core concept tutorials. It consists of introduction to the topic, concept illustration, problem solving, and topic summary in an interesting manner. Second comes the problem solving drill that includes feedback based quizzes and scoring system to track your performance. Third thing you will get is 24 super review cheat sheets in PDF. You can carry these cheat sheets anywhere and continue your studies. The core tutorial series consists of 6 units covering all the topics like the basics, mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, waves, sound, and optics, and atomic and nuclear physics. Master all these in 24 days with our comprehensive and relevant course materials that are always updated to keep you going.

You can teach yourself High School Physics visually in 24 hours, then why get dependent on extra classes and tutors. The rapid learning tutorials have developed a complete solution for all your high school physics course coverage that is compact and easy to understand. There are various methods applied to make your understanding and learning easy. We provide you with visual aids like CDs, DVDs, audio materials like MP3, as well as, PDF that can be carried to any place. You can use the audio with iPod or any other portable devise and continue your learning even if you are traveling or out of house. The rapid e-learning package for high school physics include 24 core concept tutorials, 24 problem solving drills, and 24 super review cheat sheets. You can learn the core concepts through flash movies and flash games.

We offer our courses in various editions with different features and different prices. You can opt for any one of them depending on your requirement. But before you decide on that, we also give you one chapter for preview make you understand the learning components and the list of all chapters that are covered. We bet on our quality and relevance of course materials.


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