Companies which have their offices at various locations use teleconference services to get in touch with the employees and get updates accordingly. Since the participants of a teleconference do not have to be in a same place it becomes one of the best used tool in most of the companies. Teleconference brings individuals located at various locations together in one virtual location. One of the most common uses of teleconference is to conduct meetings over the telephone along with the video feature between people all at the same time. The different types of teleconference meetings available are phone conference, video conference and computer teleconference.

Advantages of teleconference meetings:

• The biggest advantage of teleconference is its use in company meetings. A teleconference meeting can be conducted between employees situated at different locations in the same country or at different countries.

• Teleconference meeting is extremely valuable and saves a lot of time and money by reducing business travel which is required normally to either update the concerned supervisor about any progress or issues related to the office.

• A teleconference meeting is a cheaper method than long distance calls as well as organizing a business meeting in a physical location.

• Productivity of business organization increases as a result of teleconference meeting because it becomes easy to follow up with the concerned person as and when required.

• Date and time is decided by both parties and at a convenient location either in the office or at home a teleconference meeting can be conducted.

Weighing the pros and cons:

Teleconference meeting has become the answer to the rise in cost for meetings conducted across multi-national companies; but every coin has two sides, along with the various advantages of teleconferencing there are certain disadvantages too.

• Teleconference largely depends on technology to operate; in case of any technical failure meetings are likely to be suspended.

• Negotiating via teleconferencing becomes difficult in case the other party simply turns off the meeting due differences in the points proposed, as opposed to face-to-face interaction, where the other party is obligated to stay and carry on the meeting.

Companies like Conference Worldwide provides teleconferencing services keeping in mind the requirement of each client. Most clients want a teleconferencing package consisting of call recording facility, downloading meetings, broadcasting or uploading it on the company website, as well as playback. Other facilities like conference blocking, muting, and managing a Q&A session via web control are also available through Conference Worldwide. Some of the other facilities related to teleconference meeting provided by Conference Worldwide are mentioned in their website

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