If you are thinking about buying loose diamonds, there are four pieces of information that are vital to the value of your considered purchase. Commonly refered to as the 4C’s amongst the jewelery trade. These four vital bits of information define the value of any loose diamonds, whether they be for purchase or resale. For those of you who are only just beginning to consider purchasing loose diamonds, here is a brief description of each one, and what it means.

Cut – One of the main reasons that loose diamonds sparkle and shine so much is due to the cut of each face. The more faces a diamond has, the greater the light refraction and so the quality appears greater. Typically, loose diamonds have 58 facets, or faces, this breaks down to 33 on the top face and 25 on the lower face. Greater number of cuts are available, and these are subsequently reflected in the value, and cost, of the loose diamonds.

Colour – Often people are surprised to learn that not all loose diamonds are clear, in fact, some of the more valuable diamonds are in fact coloured, such as the black diamonds from Brazil, often used as tips for diamond drills. Presently Blue diamonds are highly popular and sort after. These blue diamonds are more expensive, due to the process involved in colouring them, however, with limited supply, they are currently a very good loose diamond investment.

Clarity – Buying loose diamonds online has one major advantage over shop purchased jewelery, whilst a jeweler’s shop is brightly lit to enhance their stones, an internet site relies solely on the certification of each individual stone. Under dazzling bright lights, all diamonds sparkle. Ensure you check the true clarity of the diamond you are purchasing by asking to see the certificate of authenticity which proves all of the 4C’s discussed. The clarity of any diamond has a major effect on the quality and subsequently the purchase price of any loose diamonds.

Carat – When a jeweler speaks of a loose diamonds carat, they are referring to the weight of the stone. A Carat is merely a denomination of weight that jewelers employ in order to assess the weight of any loose diamonds, and although weight does have an obvious effect on the price, when it comes to loose diamonds of up to three carats, the main factor is clarity. Finds of large Carat, loose Diamonds are rare, and even when discovered, have to be cut and polished in order to enhance it’s appearance, reducing the overall size.

Buying loose diamonds can prove to be a wise investment. The price you pay is the value of the stones involved and not for any cosmetic settings, or fancy designs. Loose diamonds can prove to be a very good investment in times of economic turmoil, and, as history has shown, quality loose diamonds will always hold their value.

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